How To Write The Perfect Adult Dating Profile


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If you’re the kind of guy who is currently only interested in hooking up with women, then you probably already know that your best bet is signing up for an adult dating website.

I have reviewed plenty of free and pay adult dating sites on this blog so you can check out the reviews to determine which site would best suit you.

Once you’ve figured that out, your next step is writing the perfect profile.

There is a big difference between writing a profile for a mainstream dating site and an adult dating site, so make sure you follow my tips to get the best results. And by best results, I mean the best hookups.

Let’s begin!

  • DO NOT use a picture of your dick as your profile picture. Sure, there might be some women on the site that think that’s sexy, but the majority of the women are just going to think your some kind of perverted freak. And even though you might be a perverted freak, you don’t want to come across as one.
  • Your best bet it to try and come across as a confident, sexy and interesting male who isn’t desperate. Instead of saying in your profile that you “don’t know what you’re looking for” and that you’re “open to anything”, write specifically what you’re looking for in a women, even if it’s not true! BUT, make sure you don’t come off as conceded or cocky, because that’s a huge turn off for chicks. You just want to come across as confident.
  • Because you’re on an adult dating site, it is a known fact that you’re looking for sex and therefore open about your sexuality. Since this is the case, it is ok to talk about your sexual desires in your profile. Let’s say you are looking to have a threesome, go ahead and add that to your profile, just don’t go into details. For example: I’m looking to have a threesome with two chicks so that one can give me a BJ while I can pound the other one from behind…THAT is a little too much and will probably scare the women off. Also, try a site like where the ratio of men to women are pretty much equal so it ensures that your not on a site with a whole bunch of dudes.
  • Besides expressing your sexual desires, you’re going to want to write about things you’re interested in outside of the bedroom. For example: I love watching sports and I enjoy rock climbing and sailing on the weekends. Make sure you keep it straight and to the point. Ultimately the women are here to hook up, but they’re going to want to know a little bit more about you, just not too much!

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again; do not act desperate. Even if you are, make it seem like you’re not! Make it seem like you’re desirable, sexy, and a hot commodity. Women always want something that they can’t have, so don’t give in to quickly either when you’re messaging back and forth. Leave a little to the imagination, and being mysterious will work wonders!

Last but not least, DO NOT use cheesy pick up lines! These will not work and will only hurt your chances of ever hooking up with anyone!

So, if you follow all of these tips…this will be YOU in a couple of days!: