Is He Marriage Material?


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With divorce rates higher than ever before, it is only natural to think twice before deeming your significant-other as “marriage material”. However, judging the ones we love can often be easier said than done – like they say, “love is blind”. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of questions that will help you determine your partner”™s potential as a spouse. And if you”™re still out playing the field or testing the waters in online dating, keeping these points in mind will ensure an efficient screening process.

1. Is He Financially Stable? ”“ While you don”™t want to come across as a golddiger or demand that your partner be a millionaire, his financial stability is definitely something to take into consideration. If he”™d rather spend all of his savings on a new Playstation instead of paying the electricity bill, take it as a red flag that your future together will consist of unpaid bills and lots of stress.

2. Do You Share The Same Values? ”“ One of the most important points to establish before getting married are your individual goals for the future. Do you want kids? Are you willing to marry someone of a different religion? While you should have a general idea by now, you can never be too careful ”“ after all, you don”™t want to risk having to walk down separate paths in the future.

3. How Does He Act In Front Of Others? ”“ Does your partner treat you with the same amount of care and respect when you are out on a date or with friends? If not, you should probably start thinking into why that is. Marrying someone who is not necessarily proud of you – or cares to display affection in public (in small doses, of course) ”“ is probably a bad idea.

4. How Does He Act When You Are Alone? ”“ Much like our previous point, the way your partner behaves when you are home alone could also speak volumes about his true nature. If he ignores you and only focuses on himself, you might be setting yourself up for a lackluster marriage.

5. How Often Do You Fight? ”“ The occasional argument t between couples is only natural. The problem lies when either person decides to lose their cool; and does it often. Dealing with anger issues when you”™re supposed to be in marital bliss is a recipe for disaster.

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