Is There Such A Thing As Privacy When Dating Online?


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I’m always getting questions from people entering the online dating world for the first time about their privacy. How much can people find out about me on the internet? Can my work find out if I’m on an online dating site? I have a screen name, but can people still see my real name? Well you can ease up, friends– You do have privacy when using internet dating sites.

On any free dating site, you’ll have security options when setting up your profile. These can range from hiding your real name, hiding your e-mail address, or hiding everything including your profile picture until you accept a communication request from someone. The choice of how you want to be seen by new people is up to you. A lot of people have their profiles as completely anonymous. This means that no one can even see that you have a profile until you have messaged them first. Although this gives you the option to stay out of the eyes of creepers, it does limit your chances at finding a match online as no one will be able to pursue you.

If you have a profile in which you hide your name, it will be very hard for someone like a co-worker to find out that you are dating online. By hiding that information, it makes it invisible to popular search engines like Google, which will hide your page when people search your name. However if you do keep your name displayed, yes, people will be able to find out that you are on the site. Another way for them to do so is if a co-worker is also on the same dating site you’re on. Often dating websites will display pictures of people currently online, so there is a chance someone will see that. But take into consideration if they find out that way, it does mean that they are on the site as well! You shouldn’t be embarrassed about trying to find love online, you’re among millions of people who are looking daily.

In an age where you can find out anything about someone by a simple glimpse of a search engine, you can find surprisingly little on dating websites if the user doesn’t want to put it out there. You should never feel uncomfortable when dating online! Remember the control is always in your hands, so you can rest easy while finding your future soulmate.

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