It’s A Girl Thing


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This is not yet-another Dating Guide post on online dating tips and tricks. This time, we decided to help the majority of men’ efforts in attracting the opposite sex by listing a few ‘girl facts’ that you might not have been aware of. While not all ladies will agree with the points below (that is only to be expected), they tend to be true for the majority of the female population. I’m only breaking them down because as they say, sharing is caring.

Lies, Lies, Lies : Girls hate it when they are lied to. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, if you “stretch the truth”, they will hate you for it. She’ll also be sure to let everyone around her know how much of a dog you are.
Compliments : While the majority of men could care less about compliments, girls always take them to heart. If you find yourself in a date with someone you met through online personals and things are not going as planned, toss her a quick compliment and suddenly all will be well again.

When Girls Fall In Love, They Really Fall In Love : For men, falling in love is a slow process and when it happens, we don’t tend to obsess over our emotions. Girls on the other hand, will think of their lovers all day and night and tend to get clingy for attention. While I’m not generalizing, it does happen often.

Play It Cool : One off the easiest ways to scare a girl off is by making yourself too easily available. If you’re interested, a few texts and messages back and forth should be enough to set the initial tone. Don’t pester her with endless phone calls and act desperate. It won’t get you far. If you’re both in it for casual sex only, playing it cool is of utmost importance.

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