Keys to Surprising your Partner Everyday


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There is a general perception that a love story starts as any fairytale would.  It involves two people who would be the prince and the princess of this story.  Their eyes meet, and they fall in love.  For the entire duration of the fairytale, they fight to be together until they can.  Then, they get married and live happily ever after.

In real life however, things don’t progress as smoothly.  Couples in relationships are faced with a never-ending battle between themselves.  Those that do get along seem to experience a great extent of boredom and monotony.  The objective of working through a boring or troublesome relationship is by going back to where it all started; at the point where they couple fell in love.  There was that element of surprising each other constantly, with beautiful and new things.  Settling down with your special person does not mean everything in your life needs to settle down.  It is important to introduce surprises as often as possible to spice up the relationship.

Cinema Nights.

When was the last time you went to the cinema with your partner? Plan a cinema night with your partner recreating the first dating nights you had. Take time to plan this activity, for example read the movies reviews of the cinema(s) you used to go with your partner and try to choose a movie that both of you likes.

Thematic Nights

The topics can be varied, from one night “hippie” or a “retro” night to a science fiction movies night or romantic comedies. How? Choose the places to go, like outdoor places, like an open park or indoor places like a restaurant or night club. What about going to a Mexican or Italian restaurant using some traditional clothes?

Massage Session

What about taking a massage course (you can find online trainees on internet) and surprise your partner when she or he comes home.  Remember to have romantic music, aromatic candles, Massage Oils, Lotions and Creams.

Say “I Love you”

How many times you say I love you? What about writing 101 different ways of saying I love you in different languages? Today using online translators is easier and shows to your beloved that you spend time thinking about.


Get always feel that you are present to the other. How? Is easy, some ideas: Leave a letter, send phone messages (SMS), make short phone calls, send flowers, send online cards and much more simple ideas.

Favorite Activities

Take your partner to practice your favorite activity. If your partner enjoys outdoor activities, surprise your partner practicing their favorite activity.

Make Travel Plans

Book surprise travel getaways for just the two of you.  Visiting new places always draws in excitement into a relationship because new environments reduce the stress of work and everything back home.

Meaningful Gifts

It doesn’t have to be birthdays or Christmas for you to treat your other half to a gift.  Presents don’t have to be expensive or bought.  They can be handmade.  Even a love letter would make a wonderful and meaningful gift.  It just acts as a constant reminder that your feelings for them are still very much alive.


There is one very special day every year that deserves to be spent with your other half. Plan an entire day or a whole night together.  It could be re-enacting the first time you met or the first date, or it could be dinner at an extravagant restaurant.  You might even prefer to spend time in each other’s arms at the privacy and comfort of your home.  Whatever that choice may be, anniversaries, and Saint Valentine’s day should always be spent with your other half, no excuses.  There are 365 days in a year, and the one person who means most to you deserves at least that much time.  Anniversaries can also be a special day to reminisce the best times you’ve spent with each other.

Table for Two

During the courting phase of a potential relationship, a man would do anything within his means to treat the lady who’s caught his eye.  He will be the perfect gentleman throughout; e.g. opening doors for her, calling her up whenever he gets a chance, and he’ll even take her to the most extravagant restaurants in town for some fine wining and dining.  Every woman loves to be treated like a lady.  During the relationship, men tend to slack and only take their women out if necessary.  This is not a good habit and it is certainly not healthy in any relationship.  Spice things up by taking your lady out for a wonderful meal, even if it’s just once in a very long time.  She will appreciate it! Women love to get all dressed up…remember, ‘a happy wife is a happy life’!



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