Long Distance Love Affairs


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The Internet age is without a doubt the age of the long distance love affair. While letters, telephone, even the telegraph had power to bring people together from far away, nothing else has given us such immediacy and powerful connection with people who can be around the corner or in a nation thousands of miles away on another part of Planet Earth. Even the astronauts seem to video chat home with the people on the ground. Internet dating has only enhanced this from happening. When one can not only see sexy single men in a far away land but also be told by a computer how compatible one might be if only one were together, the temptation to reach out and touch someone, dating and doing mostly anything one can, even at a distance at least virtually can be too much too resist. And really, why resist?

Personals and dating sites are full of sexy men from all over the world, looking for date and just hook up. Especially if one lives in a small town, one may yearn for the more sexually free and open big cities were queer people can be more expressive of their true selves. The desire to date someone from there can be powerful and is quite understandable, but the stigma that goes along with certain minority groups-and queer guys and girls are still a minority group-often precluded good connections being made.

Online those connections can be made without that stigma.

A powerful connection can form over the Internet in part because the only sex can be virtual. In essence, it is sex of the mind. Men dating and/or looking to form an intellectual connection may find this appealing, because it sets aside some of the confusions of physical chemistry and allows one to investigate deeper compatibilities. It should be cautioned that on some rare occasions, online sexual chemistry fizzles when people finally meet in person, but this is unlikely to occur if the sexual spice is strong beforehand.

Couples in long distance affairs also have more options than they ever did before. In addition to phone sex, one can use internet telephone programs to chat live while using webcams to see every bit of each other’s bodies.