Lunch Vs. Dinner — What’s The Difference In A Date?


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You’ve spent a lot of time on different dating sites, chatting to different members and you’ve finally decided that you’ve met someone you think you could really click with and maybe start dating. And you have officially decided that your online dating journey has come to a close (for now) because you’ve finally found someone you want to take out. Now, here’s where the big decision comes in; you have to make the choice between taking them out to lunch or taking them out to dinner. When it comes to the first meal you eat together, what’s the difference?

To make a long story short, the difference between what time in the day you have your meal at can make the difference between a short fling and a serious relationship. In order to better understand the difference between eating in the afternoon and eating at night, I will break it down for you:


The Lunch Date:

When you take someone out to lunch, you’re basically letting it be known that in terms of dating, you want to keep things casual. By asking someone out for a meal during the day, you’re blocking the chance to take the date further. It’s too early to ask them out for a drink, and chances are one of you will be on a time limit to get back to work, have plans for the evening, etc. Having a ticking clock while you’re dating isn’t the most romantic thing in the world! Not only are you restricting what you’re able to do together, you’re keeping all pressure off the date, which is the exciting part of it.

When you’re out during the day, the date isn’t as special. You don’t have the night mood music playing in the restaurant, you don’t have waiters offering you extra drinks with your meal, and you don’t have the suspense of whether or not they’re going to invite you back to their place when the date is done. A lunch date is the first indicator that the relationship isn’t going to be a serious one.

The Dinner Date:

The dinner date is the date that says, ‘I would really like for this to go somewhere.’ Somewhere could be more dates, exclusive dating, marriage… but it’s somewhere.Dinner dates have a more romantic feel than lunch dates. You have dim lit rooms, big wine selections, and usually a few candles lit around the table.

The conversation usually has a more serious tone to it, talking about things like life goals instead of current jobs, which you get to talk about in a more formal environment.

Besides the atmosphere, you have a great chance to show off your goods! You can wear what you want and flaunt your best side in an outfit that may not be completely appropriate for a lunch date. Not to mention, when the dinner is over, unlike during the day, you get the chance to take it further. Whether it’s drinks, dancing, or a nice walk in the night air, you have extensive options to continue your date.

When you’re dating someone you met online, take cues as to what kind of date they’re looking for. If they seem timid and a little inexperienced at online dating, choose a lunch date to make them feel more at ease. If you’ve gotten a good vibe from your online partner and think it’s worth a shot taking it further, ask them out for dinner! The difference between lunch and dinner really is day and night! So, choose wisely!