Make Your First Kiss Memorable


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When you’ve made a good dating find online and you’ve started seeing each other in the real world, the first kiss can come sooner than expected. Because you’ve already made the online connection, you feel that you know each other well, and the standard three-dates-until-the-first-kiss rule goes out the window. A lot of online daters find that their first kiss is usually on the first date. So when it comes time for the first smooch, how do you make it a good one?

A majority of the key is in the preparation and knowing what makes a bad kiss. No one wants to put their lips on something that smells, or that is rough. Days before your date start using Chapstick to insure your lips are silky smooth. If you’re prone to cold sores, take preventative measures and head to the drug store for some medicine.

Once you have your kisser ready to go, you’ll want to work on your breath. Bring mints (plural, you never know if you’ll want to offer one to the person you’re dating), and don’t order anything on the menu that’s too smelly. Onions are a big no if you’re going to try and get some lip action later in the night.

After your preparation is done, you have to wait for your window of opportunity. A bad timed kiss can make the difference between a perfect moment, and a moment ruined. Take notes from some of the great kisses in cinema- a kiss in the middle of a sentence says ‘I just couldn’t wait to do that’, while a slowly built up kiss by the front door can say ‘I’ve been wanting to do that all night.’ Know what you want the kiss to say before you do it so you get the right message across.

When the time is finally right, take a clue from the movie Hitch– Will Smith’s character Alexander Hitchens tells his prodigy that he needs to go 90% to her and wait for her to go the other 10%. This is actually perfect advice. It lets her know exactly what your intentions are, but it’s subtle enough for her to politely turn down the kiss if intended. If you go 100% in for it, you’re risking putting too much pressure on her, which will make the kiss uncomfortable for both of you.

Lastly, always make the first kiss a soft kiss. A lot of men want to go in for the passionate kiss right off the bat, but it can be intimidating if it’s the first time your faces meet. Go for something slow and soft.

All in all, do what feels natural for the date. Do your preparation, but don’t ignore what the moment is telling you. A first kiss tells a lot about the way the rest of your relationship will go, so make it memorable!

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