Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out


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In the world of online dating, being unique is key. You need to be the orange crayon in the box of yellow, and it’s not an easy thing to do. Most websites have a static profile layout, meaning that you can only add in your information and photographs; you can’t actually make the page look different. But that might be a blessing in disguise! It will stop you from overdoing your profiles with visuals and under doing your information.

If you really want your blog to stand out, you have to start with stories.

The first section in almost every dating profile asks you why you’ve chosen online dating. It’s not required that you fill out that question for the website’s sake, it’s asking you fill it out because people who are on the site are interested in your motives.

The secret to getting peoples attention is all in stories. Short antidotes are not only more entertaining than the usual ‘I want to meet new people,’ but they give people an inside look at your personality before even having to message you.

Studies from Queens University in Ontario, Canada show that a profile with a antidote is viewed almost six times more than a profile that simply has short answers in place of their questions. Stories are the key to having a profile that stands out.

Don’t go overboard– no one wants to read a novel when they could get that same information in a few short sentences. Be detailed, but don’t be annoying about it.

Remember that people will be reading what you have to say before you have the opportunity to talk to them yourself, so make sure you stand out enough to get that first message!

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