How To Move On


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Summer is the time of year for change. New wardrobes, new surroundings and, unfortunately for some of us, a new ‘single’ status. If you find yourself back on the market  and having a hard time moving on, here are some tips to get over your ex, and get ready to start dating again.

Make a lifestyle change
Making a lifestyle change is the easiest thing you can do to help take your mind off of a break-up. It gives you something to concentrate on, and will give you a great sense of satisfaction in seeing the change. Whether it’s trying out vegetarianism, signing up for a cooking class, or simply cutting your hair, having a positive change in your life will help balance the negative change of going through the break-up.

Spend time with friends you’ve been disconnected from
Of course spending time with your close and current friends is expected, but reaching out to friends you haven’t seen since you were single is a great way to get used to being single again. When you hang out with mutual friends of you and your ex, chances are they’ll want to talk about the breakup and make sure you’re ok with it. When you spend time with friends you haven’t seen in a while, you get to talk about what you’ve missed in each others lives and avoid any conversation about your heartache.

Stay away from movies
Movies are extremely deceiving. You can choose the goriest horror movie ever made, and it somehow ends up being a love story. It’s hard to get your mind off your ex when you’re faced with two people sucking face.  If you’re going to watch a movie, be prepared to be faced with PDA and and a sappy love story during it.

Learn something new!
A big contributor to breakup agony is having everything you do remind you of your ex. If you learn something new, then it’s a great feeling that you’re ready to start a clean slate with hobbies and skills that no longer remind you of someone else.

Whatever you do, stay busy! Being alone gives you time to think about your break up and can put you in a further saddened state. The key to getting over a relationship is to stay active and stay positive.

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