Mrs. Right Is A Myth


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If you’re starting online dating for the first time, then it’s safe to assume you’re still single. Maybe you’ve just gotten divorced, maybe you spent your life up to this point establishing your career, or maybe you’re just now getting to that stage where you’re ready to start looking for someone. Regardless of your situation, you still haven’t found Mrs. Right. Well, here’s an upsetting newsflash for you: There in no Mrs. Right. There’s a good chance that the reason you’re still single is that you’ve spent so much time looking for the perfect ┬áperson, you’ve completely overlooked perfectly acceptable matches.

Everyone has that little mental checklist they make when they end a relationship. These were the things I liked about her, these were the things I didn’t.. No matter what’s on that list, it stays on our mind while you’re with your next girlfriend and you subconsciously judge her by that criteria. When you’re doing this, you’re putting up a wall between you and her, which prevents the relationship from developing into anything substantial.

It’s easy to look for what you want in a woman. That’s what you should do. But you have to try and stop yourself from seeing things in them that you don’t want to be there. Can’t stand it when your girlfriend asks where you were that day? Well, why not? She’s simply showing interest in your life, and that’s something you should appreciate. A lot of guys take actions like that to be nagging, but in reality it’s a way of a girl expressing what she thinks and how she feels about you.

You need to give up on the idea of Mrs. Right, because she’s someone you’ve fabricated out of all your desires and doesn’t actually exist. Just because you’re not going to be with Mrs. Right doesn’t mean you’re settling, either. There’s a big difference between settling and compromising, and compromise is what you should be striving for. Want a tennis pro who will cook you a 4-course meal daily? How about just dating someone who enjoys playing tennis and knows how to grill a steak? Sure it’s not the perfect image, but not much ever is.

Move on from your dreams of the perfect woman and start appreciating the ones that are good enough while they’re around. Being single and dating isn’t high on a woman’s priority list! They want to get committed to someone and get married. The fish won’t always have as many options as it does now, and if you wait too long that pool will be filled with only the bottom of the barrel. Stop being picky and start enjoying the great women out there! Just check your dream of finding the next Angelina Jolie at the door first.

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