New Year, New You!


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Being single on New Year’s Eve can be quite depressing. Not only do you have to deal with your coupled friends smooching away in front of you, but you might start to wonder why you’re single in the first place. Sometimes, no amount of dating guides for singles are enough to score you a significant-other. With that in mind, we decided to compile a list that will ensure you enter the new year with the right mindset. Perhaps your new-found optimism will land you that much-longed for relationship.

1. Make No Excuses – While you may be inclined to think that the problem lies in others – not you – think again. People who struggle to find a partner can often have unrealistic standards and end up pushing potential dates away without even realizing it. Take a moment to notice if you’re not just being a little too picky with your choices. By putting yourself out there and making an effort to meet new people, you’ll be scoring dates in no time. And if all else fails, you can always ask your friends to hook you up with some of their acquaintances.

2. Consider Online Dating – Let go of any misconceptions you might have surrounding online dating. In this day and age, it can be one of the most useful tools in meeting new people – so take advantage of it. With so many options to chose from, you’ll be bound to find someone you’re compatible with.

3. Looks Don’t Matter – While attraction is one of the main factors of a successful relationship, don’t except your partner to look like a supermodel. Not only is that incredibly unrealistic (and shallow) but an “average” girl could be so interesting and compatible that in your eyes, she’ll be the hottest girl on the block.

4. Spruce Up Your Looks – If you’re one of those guys who are more than happy with not owning a mirror, consider a slight makeover. By ensuring that your clothes are well taken care of and that you – at the very least – don’t look like a total slob you’ll already be that much more appealing towards the opposite sex.

5. Be A Gentleman – With such a lack of chivalry these days, women tend to appreciate even the slightest gentleman-like gestures. For example, opening a door or pulling out her chair will be enough to leave her wanting to get to know you a little more. Never underestimate the power of being courteous and old-fashioned. The ladies love it.

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