Online Body Language


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The signs that someone is into you are obvious when you’re in a face to face situation with them. You can see them lean into you and listen a little harder, they touch you, they smile often, and you can actually here a specific tone in their voice when they’re talking. When you’re on an online dating site, it’s harder to perceive how people are speaking to you. Are they being sarcastic? Funny? Flirtatious? When you’re a member of a dating site and chatting with other members,  ‘body language’ is often hard to pick up on.

Instead of trying to dissect what they’re typing and what it really means, put thought into how they’re typing it.

What is their profession?

Believe it or not, the best hint to what their internet body language is saying can be found in their profession. If he’s someone like a lawyer or writer that is expected to have proper vocabulary and you find him using slang in your conversations, that’s probably his way of relaxing around you. If he’s someone in a less educated profession and you find him using larger than average words, it could be his way of trying to impress you!

Take a look at the emoticons they use.

This is one you’ll find especially in males. When men type, it’s not instinct to add in a smiley face or wink. If you find that someone is adding ‘:)’s’ after their hellos or a witty sentence, it’s trying to emphasize friendliness and better communication. Having those in conversations is the online dating equivalent of touching someones arm in the real world.

When do they sign off?

If someone has genuine interest in pursuing an online relationship with you, they’ll always want to leave with a good impression. If you’re constantly getting a ‘well nice talking to you, ttyl,’ his interest isn’t very deep. If he’s taking time to give you a sincere sign off, it’s probably his way of keeping the door open so he can have more contact with you. A digital kiss goodnight, if you will!

People put a lot of thought into what they’re saying online.  It’s not like when you’re face to face and you have to say something on the spot before thinking it over. That’s essentially one of the joys of online dating- you have the opportunity to think before you speak! To be honest, if you notice the messages you are getting are short and meaningless, you will probably want to move onto your the next person. If you’re getting messages that are fun and interesting, then you have a flirter who is more than likely into you!

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