Patience Is A Virtue In Online Dating


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It is a very easy to see why so many singles get frustrated or impatient with online dating. For one thing, it is a whole new world that they may not totally understand and where mistakes can be very embarrassing, but even though they like in a world with texting, emails, web cams, and such that more at the speed of light making contact with real, flesh and blood, people can be a very slow process. It is because of this that a lot of people get frustrated with how slow contact can be and, because of their frustration, they can sometimes act out of that frustration and occasionally makes things worse.

We all want sex pretty quickly when we want it after all!

That is why one of the most important things that everyone should develop is a real sense of patience, of being able to walk away from online dating and allows and contact to develop at their own speed. One of the tricks to develop patience is to constantly remind yourself that the person you are chatting with, or even the person you reached out to you, has a life that – as with you – can change from one day to the next or even from one hour to the next, so because someone you were communicating with suddenly changes their tone, or vanish altogether, doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you or anything you said or did but because they may have gotten sick, had work or family troubles or a million other reasonable excuses. Beyond this sense of realism in communicating with someone, keep in mind as well that if you act out of frustration and become demanding or even insulting because someone has dropped off the face of the earth if you say or do anything out of frustration then that will guarantee the end of your chatting while, on the other hand, if you simply walk away and give that person some time to get their life together, then you will still have a chance for things to get back on track and maybe lead to sexual contact. So even though it really is a hard thing to do sometime always practice patience when you enter into the world of online dating.

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