Picking Up At The Bar


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When you venture away from online datingto meet singles, chances are your location of choice is going to be the bar. Why do I say that? Because it’s not just your location of choice, it seems to be everyones!

In a room where it’s inevitable you’re going to have competition from other singles looking for a date, you need to insure you stand out! These are the best ways to make sure you’re above the rest when trying to pick up at the local watering hole.

Remember The Rule Of 3s

When you’re going fishing at the bar, you need to be aware of who you bring. Going by yourself is the best way to attract attention as people won’t have to worry about competing with your friends. If you bring only one other person, it’s going to be hard for people to approach you without worrying about making your friend feel left out. If you bring four or more, then the group as a whole is going to be intimidating to penetrate and start a conversation with. If you really want to make yourself approachable, go in a group of three. People see that as one person to talk to while the two other people can distract themselves.

If You’re Female, Order A ┬áStrong Drink. If You’re A Male, Order A Beer.

Men like to see a woman who can order a ‘real’ drink. Anything straight up or on the rocks will give men the impression that you mean business, and that you’d be able to hold your own in a relationship, which is something they look for, while ladies like a man who can be traditional, hence them being attracted to men ordering a simple beer.

Let Girls Be The Ones To Send Drinks

If a man is holding a conversation with a woman, he can surely offer to get her another drink, but sending one from the bartender without talking to her first can be the wrong first signal. If a girl sends a guy a drink, it’s less common and doesn’t come with the they’re-just-trying-to-sleep-with-me stigma.

Talk To The Bartender

People view others who can strike up a conversation with the bartender as open and friendly; qualities which people instinctively look for when they’re on the dating search.

“Hey, did you grow up in…?”

Even if you’ve never seen the person before in your life, it’s an easy way to break the ice and doesn’t seem like a cheesy pickup like. If you ask if they grew up where you did, they’ll likely respond with, “No, I grew up in ___. Are you from there?” And so begins a great organic conversation that can spark many other topics of interest!

The bar is an easy place to meet new people, so utilize it to it’s fullest potential!

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