Playdates Are Not Just For Kids


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Whether advertised on a social networking sex site or whispered about through a network of kink-sters when a fetish convention is coming to town, just like the circus of yore, preparations are made and expectations are high among those who want to attend. Depending how well funded the weekend of kink and fetish, these days most likely there is a website for attendees and vendors to connect and buy their entrances on, and all manner of forums for people to connect and meet, for either socializing or some naughty play come time of the show.
Celebratory and welcoming, once one enters into the world of a particular group of like-minded kinky folk and their specific kink event, then it is usually less a matter of if one will find someone to play with and more a matter of who and when.
This is where planning the play-date comes in.
When setting up play dates, single kinky women will tend towards caution, unless of course they anticipate playing with a regular partner or at least someone they have had a BDSM scene with a few times before. If this is a first time encounter, more often than not it is the man who makes the approach-be he dom or sub- and as to be expected that e-mail that is friendly and polite will go a long way. For first-timers, introductions from mutual friends across message boards or in chat room also can ally many fears. What it comes down to though, is that there aren ’t many single kinky women attending conventions or parties by themselves so the demand is higher for their time and therefore the availability truncated, so men really need to be creative in their approach for play-date times.

Couples who attend kink events certainly have the advantage to fetter-out other couples and also protect one another from unwanted advances. Though not wholly unwelcomed in every instance, when one approaches the partner of another for a possibility of a play-date with just that partner, one is best served to see what the actual availability is of the partners-if there is any at all-and when during the time of the event one might be amiable for a little fun.
As with any other social instance a little time, attention and a modicum of respect will see quite a bit more yes ’s then no ’s when people are attempting to set-up a naught play-dates.

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