Positive Thinking Can Help Get Us Laid


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Lots of guys have probably looked at a really hot woman and thought to themselves that they don’t stand a chance with her fordating and more. Thinking that may have actually sealed your fate. A positive outlook changes the way one is perceived by others. It may sound ridiculous, but it is true. If a person looks in a mirror and truly believes that they look fabulous, their confidence goes up. A high level of confidence gives helps a person exude an aura of attractiveness that other people will be drawn to.
Sit at a bar sometime and watch the other people in the bar. Do you see beautiful women hanging on the every word of a man who isn ’t very attractive? Does the man appear to be very confident and self-assured? His good self-image helps him to project the aura that he deserves the best and all the good things that come to him, and then low and behold, all good things do come to him.
Everyone can learn how to do this with a few simple exercises. First, look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself that you ’re attractive, masculine and sexy. Admire your body and list the things you like about it – its strength, its manliness, its ability to do the things you need, such as walk or work or fuck. Do this every day, and say it like you really believe it. Eventually you will start to believe it, and saying the words will become easier and more sincere.
Once you have mastered that, you can move on to the next step – visualizing your dreams. Daydream about the kind of woman that you want in your life. Picture in your mind her long, sexy legs, her firm breasts, her perfect ass, and her gorgeous pussy. Picture yourself peeling off her panties and touching every inch of her. Imagine yourself grabbing her by the hair as she gives you a blow job, fantasize about an entire afternoon spent with her naked and pleasing you in every possible way. Do that every day and keep telling yourself that you deserve that woman, and you deserve to have such fantastic sex. You will start to believe that you really do deserve these things, and your confidence will go up – then you ’ll start to see your luck change and beautiful women will flock to you.

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