Profile Photos Are Important


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Dating isn ’t easy for anybody under any circumstances. People always think that really beautiful people probably have it easier, but that isn ’t always the case. Women usually hold the upper hand in the dating game, and smart men need to understand how to stand out in the crowd. It doesn ’t matter if it ’s a dating website or a sex hookup website, the competition is fierce and it isn ’t always easy to get noticed. There are common mistakes that guys make that can be easily avoided.

Women want to feel special, and they want to feel as though a guy noticed her profile in particular for a reason. The way to give this impression is to actually read her profile and pick out something she said that can be mentioned in the first e-mail. She ’ll be impressed that someone actually read her profile and she ’ll read the e-mail carefully and then take a look the guy ’s profile. Since she ’s going to now want to read the profile, the guy needs to give her something to read. Men, fill out the profile and tell the ladies something about the person behind the computer. One of women ’s biggest complaints aboutinternet dating is the number of men that don ’t fill out their profile. Don ’t just talk about sex and big boobs. Write about interesting hobbies or interests, favorite books or movies or favorite activities. Women want to know a little about the man behind the screen, so give a little insight into the type of person they would be getting involved with, and be sincere. Have a friend proofread the profile if you can. Most women will be more impressed if the text is spelled correctly, is grammatically correct, and uses proper punctuation and capitalization. Your profile is the first impression women get, so make it a good one. Don ’t use “text speak ”.

The last tip is even if it ’s a sex hookup website, don ’t use your cock as your main profile picture unless it is a really artistic photo. Even if women are on that site just for sex, they are rarely impressed by the dick pictures unless you ’ve got something really out of the ordinary to show off. If a face pic is out of the question for any reason, try to be creative with your main photo – wear a hat, use certain angles – but save the penis pics for women that actually ask to see them.