Rejection Protection: Why It’s Hurting Your Game


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Since the first time someone realized it hurt to get rejected, people have been doing everything they can to protect themselves from getting turned down. After all, it is easier on the heart to have not tried at all than it is to give a swing and get a miss.

There’s a growing trend in online dating that’s hindering everyones dating game: Rejection protection. Internet daters have started to simply give up on people who might look like they’re going to pass on a dating offer, but could people who use this type of ego insurance be missing out on something good?

This is how the usual rejection protector does their routine: They’ll strike up a conversation with someone online, feel out how the other person may feel, hint that they’re interested in doing something (going to a certain museum, seeing a certain movie, whatever the case may be), and wait to see what the other person says. If they don’t show full enthusiasm for joining in on the event, the protector will simply let them know that they already have plans to go with someone else, and end contact.

See what the problem is there? They’re not giving themselves the chance to pursue the people they’re interested into going out with them. Instead they take the easy way out and reject the other person before they can get rejected themselves.

If you’re afraid of rejection, then you shouldn’t be dating! It’s a part of the experience and although it doesn’t feel the best, it is the only way you’re going to truly appreciate the dates you do get.