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Hookup.com totally looks like a dating site for guys. The homepage just features pictures of women, but it is a completely awesome dating site for girls, too! Don’t judge a book by its cover, ladies! Hookup.com has some great resources for ladies looking to hook up, anywhere in the world!

This site is centered around casual, no strings attached hookups, so if you’re looking for a long term relationship or something that is going to last you further than tomorrow morning, this might not be the site for you! Of course, love is everywhere, and you never know where you might find it, but be warned, the singles here are after one thing: steamy one night stands!

Once you create an account and enter the site, you’ll be greeted with all kinds of eye candy. The best part about it is those studs you see, half naked and seductive in those shots are actual members, and if you see one who particularly catches your eye on the way in, there are always links which you can click to take you to that dude’s very own sex personal! This site is legit!


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I had heard SO MUCH about hookup.com that I knew I had to try it, regardless of the fact that on first impression it looked like it was 100% a site geared toward guys. But, having friends who had nothing but beaming reviews, I ignored the gender specific advertising and moved along to the sign up page.

Member sign up was quick and easy, and, to my surprise, didn’t even require my credit card! I picked a cutesy sounding username, put in my email and was able to access the profile set up once I clicked a confirmation link in an email which was sent to my account. I was able to pick and choose which information I wanted to display on my profile page (so I didn’t have to get too raunchy, but you could if you wanted to!), and I was able to input some stats about my location and interests and such, which is pretty standard of all dating sites.

What was unique to hookup.com was the extensive list of sexual curiosities I could select! I played around with it for a little while, and the more options I clicked, the more specific my search results became. If you’re looking for a very specific type of playmate, hookup.com can hook you up!

Since I initially wasn’t looking for any particular type of hookup, I left most of the search boxes empty and did a simple location search with an age range limit, so I didn’t get guys who were too young or too old. I was completely shocked to see just how many amazingly hot guys the search returned! And they were all within my city’s limits, to boot!

From there, I had all kinds of options, depending on how I wanted to proceed. This site has a fun feature where you can blow someone a kiss, or send them other provocative acts unaccompanied by any text, kind of like the “poke” feature on other social media sites, so I blew kisses to a few of the hotties I liked. I was also presented with the option of sending an email style message or an instant message if they were online, or inviting them to view my cam if I really wanted to get things heated.

I was pleasantly surprised when, on my first night exploring hookup.com, I was messaged by three of the sexiest guys I’ve ever seen! By the next morning, my inbox was overflowing with messages, and some naughty pictures, from hot local guys. It was the best dating site first impression!



The social media style layout of hookup.com makes it super intuitive to use. It feels a lot like navigating through a sexier version of Facebook where you don’t have to look at pictures of people’s babies and dogs, but instead get to check out other sexy local singles who probably want to hook up with you tonight!

Before you do anything else, I would highly recommend spending some time on your own profile. Similar to lots of other profiles you already have, your hookup.com profile has space for a profile picture and an area for galleries of sexy and seductive pictures, as well as an area for you to post updates. Most members use this to post a short sexy, flirty tease of a sentence to get the attention of other members, and it’s very effective, as posting an update jumps you right to the top of the News section of those following you. There’s also space for a short bio, and a place to outline your likes and dislikes in and out of the bedroom. All of these things help to enhance your search results and make them more personalized to you, so as they say, the more information, the merrier!


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Like other social media sites, hookup.com has an option to reach out and friend singles that you find interesting and attractive, or hide and block people you find not so interesting, or who maybe physically aren’t your cup of tea so they don’t continue to show up on your compatible singles list. Adding friends also lets you keep up to date with their profile updates, as friend’s updates appear on the top of the News list. This lets you check out new sexy shots that are uploaded, the minute they happen!

There are tons of other members’ only features, like cam-to-cam, a location service (you have to opt in!) which plots all the online singles on the map so you can see who is closest to you at any point in time, and a very, very active cyber sex community! When you want to get it on but you don’t have the time to meet up in person, hookup.com will give you the best cyber sex experience of your life! I promise. I speak from experience!

When you decide to take the plunge, hookup.com has a few different membership levels:


Silver Membership

-Host and access all member profiles and personals
-Upload pictures to your own profile
-Update your own status and see status updates from other members
-Interact with members on their profile page
-Monthly subscription fee decreases when you register for a longer period

Gold Membership

-Silver Membership Benefits
-Unlimited instant messaging
-Unlimited email messaging
-Unlimited picture messaging in IM and email
-Unlimited cam-to-cam experience
-Featured profile and status perks
-Live cam shows


No matter which membership you choose, you will be able to search through thousands of personals for a perfect dude and the best one night stand on hookup.com and get laid tonight! Adult dating has never been so fun, so easy, or so satisfying!



Registration at hookup is totally free and does not require a credit card. Free membership allows you to create a limited profile and connect with members through their profile pages, so this level of membership is perfect if you are brand new to casual sex dating and just want to get a taste of what the experience is like. In order to enjoy more private messaging options and the more X-rated features, you’ll have to shell out a couple of dollars on a next level membership, however.

Silver and Gold membership are the best options for people who really want to immerse themselves into the adult dating lifestyle and take advantage of everything that hookup.com has to offer. Personally, I don’t really see the point of the Silver membership, since for just a little bit more you can get unrestricted, all access to all of the VIP perks of the site. My own feelings are that the free membership is great for beginners just getting their feet wet, but to really enjoy hookup.com, the Gold level is really the only logical option.



There aren’t many drawbacks here that are unique to hookup.com. I was initially very taken aback by the emphasis the site appeared to place on appealing to male members, but again, once I got past the homepage, the rest of the site was very user, and female, friendly. I met some incredibly hot guys on hookup.com, and I don’t think that anyone should dismiss it on the basis of its targeted advertising. You’d only be doing yourself a sexual disservice if you do!

The free membership option didn’t blow me away. It was very basic, offering pretty typical run of the mill dating site features. However, once I upgraded my membership, I was floored at how fast and effective hookup.com was at finding me guys I was absolutely swooning over, and how many options I was given to connect with them online.

And, one final thing, but only because I’m being picky, is that the site has ads which direct you to other x-rated sites, so this is definitely a NSFW situation! Upgrading my membership did reduce the pop-up ads, though!



hookup.comTo find handsome hunks locally, hookup.com will definitely deliver! The general ease of use means that searching through member profiles is fun, and never seems like a chore. It helps that the general attractiveness factor of all the guys I checked out was crazy high!

In the short time I’ve been a member, I’ve not gone a single day without logging in to chat up some cutie. In some cases, those flirty messages back and forth have turned into actual dates, and in all of those cases, those dates have been naughty hookups, exactly what I was seeking when I joined! It’s hard to believe that I was skeptical at first. This site is definitely not a scam, I can tell you that for sure!

I would 100% recommend this site to any woman seeking a hot hookup, without question! This is one of my top sex sites now, for sure!


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