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HookupCloud.com is quickly becoming the most popular hookup site online. It’s new(ish) but it’s already booming. The site takes a simple and effective approach to online dating — come here to hook up, and don’t expect more. The Hookup Cloud homepage makes this pretty clear: “Interested in casual dating for sex, but don’t know where to start? Hookup Cloud guarantees that you will meet singles and possibly get laid as early as TONIGHT!


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I have a couple of friends that have been using HookupCloud for a little why and already swear by it, and I’m known to sway to peer pressure, so I hoped on the bandwagon to give it a try. Hey! It’s for research, right?!
I was pretty much immediately into HookupCloud. I mean, it’s definitely for casual dating and hookups primarily… well… maybe exclusively, but it’s not overwhelmingly in your face SEX (check out EasySex and my review here if you want to know about SEXY adult dating options). The layout and site design are all really visually pleasing and you can ease into the raunchy fun as you wish (and yes, there’s lots of raunchy fun to be had).
HookupCloud.com is apparently really good at what they do too. They boast consistent and impressive member stats and when you join it seems pretty clear why that’s the case. There’s TONS of members, and people are online really regularly. The majority of members are very hot and all friendly and receptive (= hot and horny).
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I had no trouble finding guys I wanted to hook up with and in basically all cases the feeling was mutual. I wasn’t up for too much naughtiness immediately (I’m the type that needs to be wooed a bit first), but the guys were totally cool with flirting and taking it slow. Definitely refreshing. It’s always a good sign when they guys don’t give off a desperate vibe and push you into hookups. That usually means there’s enough action to go around that no one is pinning everything on their last choice gal. Not on HookupCloud!
If you’re a guy looking for easy hookups with hot chicks who are eager to put out and have a good, no strings attached time, then you should definitely join HookupCloud.com. There are SO MANY hot women on this site! And from what my guy friends on this site tell me, they’re all real too. HookupCloud is really good at removing the fake profiles too (all online dating sites will have fake profiles – it’s how they deal with them that counts). I’ve come across a suspicious profile and it’s been gone when I go to check an hour later. Quite cool.

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Surprisingly, the presence of so many hot, horny women competing with me for hot guys on this site wasn’t an issue… HookupCloud isn’t really about competition and all that negativity because everyone is just looking for a good time, not a serious thing, and there’s no limit to the fun you can have. So! No competition, just sexy fun.
The site also claims to be secure and discreet, and I’m not totally sure how to assess that. I do know that their billing process is definitely discreet; no one would know what the member charges are for if they looked at you billing statements. Also, I’ve never had any issues with wrongful billing or anything like that, nor have my friends. I’ve heard some talk of Hookup Cloud scam on this front, but there’s really no validity to that – HookupCloud is legit. If by some chance you discover a billing error, you can probably get it cleared up pretty quickly seeing as their customer service department is available 24/7 and are pretty efficient as far as I’ve experienced.



The Hookup Cloud Features are pretty awesome, and you get to do A LOT with your free Basic Membership! (So if you’re a cheapo 😛 you can get by well for cheap with this site.)
If you care to spend a bit on your hookup chances, you’ve got a choice of membership levels in front of you. If you’re looking for a more moderate option, you can definitely opt for Silver Membership and get along just fine. Gold Membership has some pretty fun features and is only slightly more, so that would be my recommendation for sign up, but if unlimited access to the site and all the porn you want doesn’t make the sale for you, get your Silver Membership for sure.

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HookupCloud Basic Membership Features:
– free registration
– create your profile & upload photos and videos
– basic member search
– send “hookup now” invites to other members
– receive private mail from members
– limited live member webcam chats
HookupCloud Silver Membership Features:
– all Basic Membership features
– more personalization options for profile
– advanced member search
– view all members’ photos and videos without restriction (inc. “erotic photos”)
– send (up to 25 per day) and receive private mail
– friend lists and block lists
– instant messaging, video messaging
– chat rooms, message boards, and unlimited live webcam chat with members
– automatch (matching system that allows you to choose which traits you want in your match)
HookupCloud Gold Membership Features:
– all Silver Member features
– unlimited site access
– priority search listing over Basic and Silver members (your profile shows up before theirs in searches)
– send up to 100 emails per day
– access to the Gold Room (largest porn site online – includes access to erotic photos, stream or download adult movies or videos, live webcam shows)


The pricing for a Hookup Cloud membership is definitely reasonable. It’s on par with some of my other favorite sites, and way cheaper than some of the other brand name/mainstream dating sites.
Sign up is free (awesome!), so there’s no drawback or risk or whatever to signing up and taking a peak around. That feature is pretty common among the best adult dating sites.
There are tons of adult dating sites that make you immediately commit and sign over your credit card info just to get in the door. Those sites are scams, for sure. There’s no Hookup Cloud scam action going on though. They know the site will sell itself – and it does – so free sign up is sort of a given for legit adult dating sites like HookupCloud.com.
Pricing is decent. You can choose between levels of access and what kind of features, and how much you want to pay, and the most you’ll ever pay is like $1 a day, and that’s for the membership with the most feature access and the least cost effective payment option.
The cheapest option is like 40 cents a day and that gets you full access to the site, but it also means using it for a year. But this payment option makes complete sense with a hookup site like HookupCloud.com where you’ll likely never tire of easy access to hot flings. If it were a typical dating site where the idea is to find a girlfriend/boyfriend, you likely don’t want to risk a year commitment, because what if you meet the love of your life in the first month?! (yeah right…)




There aren’t really many drawbacks to Hookup Cloud. For some of you, the fact that you’ll likely be paying to use the site is a drawback. Fair enough. BUT! You can actually do a lot on the site for free, so that makes that complaint almost moot. You have to pay for premium features. If you have no money, then that’s definitely a drawback. For most of us though the membership fees, even for the best membership, are within our comfort range. Some people have been stupidly crying “scam” because premium membership isn’t free… I don’t think I have to explain to you how dumb that is. HookupCloud never takes your credit card information unless/until you want to access paid membership features. Soooo… yeah. There’s no Hookup Cloud scam. Seriously.



I’m still really into Hookup Cloud and I think you will be too. Some people don’t like to give credit where credit is due when it comes to sex dating sites, which is really a shame, because adult dating sites like HookupCloud.com are really changing the face of modern casual dating and easy hookups. Honestly, I don’t think it’s ever been so easy to find sex, and that’s because of Hookup Cloud and other hookup sites that are connecting people all over the world looking for something easy and sexy – making casual sex easier and more acceptable than ever before. If this is the kind of thing you’re into, I think you should come and check it out for yourself on HookupCloud.

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