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First of all, if you have only come here to find out if some other guy has been able to successfully find sex using, then let me save you the trouble of reading through this entire review: YES, I am a man and YESI have found sex using the Instant Hookups site. So, there you go. If that is all you needed then you are good to go, my friend! You can skip the rest of what I have to say and just get a head start on your own hookups on InstantHookups instead! If, however, you would like to know just a little bit more about this particular site and my particular experience, I encourage your to read on and see what I have written here in this review.

Now, I would really like to start my review off by saying a bit about who I am and how I came to join I think that learning about my background and hearing about the experiences that I have had with online dating sites will help you, the reader, to decide whether my review is one that will relate to you or not. I was married for eleven years to a woman whom I loved very much, but who had become increasingly uninterested in having sex with me. During that time I decided to join an adult dating site and seek a younger woman to have sex with. It was not long after that that I found myself on the receiving end of divorce papers. Why? Because I did not do my research, I joined a bad site, and my wife easily caught me.

It has been a few years since then and although I have moved on from that life, I have not moved on from my desire to have sex with younger women. Here is where InstantHookups comes in. It would not have been hard for me to just stay on the site that had ruined my marriage, but—as you can imagine—I had just a little bit of ill-will towards them. So, I left that site and decided to do my research this time. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Right? That research led me to a few different, decent adult dating sites over the years, but my most recent research is what has finally brought me to what I consider to be the epitome of online hookup dating sites:

So, without further ado, here is my review of


What is all about? Instant Hookups is a new and very popular adult hookup dating site that has been a welcome presence for those of us who were growing tired of the half-hearted adult dating sites that existed already. Since popping up online earlier this year, InstantHookups has already garnered millions of members for its database and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

The InstantHookups site is streamlined, simple, and easy to understand. Even if you had no experience with the world of hookup dating sites, you would not have a hard time figuring out how to use and navigate this site. The steps that you need to take in order to sign up for InstantHookups will take a few minutes of your time, but after that you will find that every process on the site goes faster than you can even keep up! For example, InstantHookups forces you to answer some important profile questions during your sign up (birth date, location, etc.) because from the moment you are listed on their database you will begin to get messages, likes, and other interactions left right and center! If they didn not get you to work on your profile first, you would never get a chance to!

Once you have gotten on to the Instant Hookups site, you will see a lot of things that are familiar to you if you have been on a site like this before. You will see area for editing your profile, searching for other members, checking your matches, accessing your messages, and other stuff like that. The site functions themselves are not reinventing the wheel of adult dating sites, but as you explore further you will quickly see exactly why is impressing the masses.


So, now let’s get into the nitty gritty of the InstantHookups… the details! has asked me to give an account of my first three months on the site, so here are the most accurate numbers that I can give for that time:

  • 140 messages sent
  • 260 messages received
  • 200 connections made
  • 25 hookups had

I have now been on InstantHookups for five months and counting, so my results have increased from these numbers, but this is a pretty accurate picture of the kind of success that an Average Joe can have on this spectacular site. As you can see, you will receive a lot of messages on InstantHookups. I received so many messages from other members that I ending up sending way less of my own messages. This is something that is basically unheard of on other adult dating sites I have used. Of all the messages I sent and received, about 200 of those became what I am calling “connections”. For me, this means that the conversation either led to dirty talk, phone sex, video chat, nude photos, or something of the like. These occurrences are not “hookups” since we did not meet in person, but I think they count as a higher level of successful interaction. Finally, I also successfully had 25 hookups. On average, that is about two per week!

In this “Details” section I think I am also going to include a few of the things that have worked for me on InstantHookups. Call it advice, if you will, or maybe tips, but I think of it more as just some things you can try if you find that you are not having as much success as you would like to have.

 Upgrade Your Membership: I went for the Gold Membership pretty early on during my start on Instant Hookups and I think that it helped my results significantly. On InstantHookups there are three membership levels and I will explain them all the best I can in the “Features” section below. With a Gold Membership, your profile will appear higher in searches, which means that other members will see your profile first and are thus more likely to contact you. I am fairly certain that this is why I received such a large abundance of incoming messages from other members. Also, with the Gold Membership, you will get access to the Gold Room (see the “Features” section below for my explanation), which does not change your chances at meeting women any, but is fun and a good value if you are someone who normally spends money on this kind of thing.

Use Keywords In Your Profile: If you are looking for a specific kind of person or a particular kind of experience, using keywords in your profile can greatly increase your chances of finding great matches. This works two ways. First of all, InstantHookups will scan profiles for matching information when they are calculating your AutoMatch matches (I will explain this below in “Features”), so having descriptive keywords within your profile can help the site to better choose matches for you. Second, if another member performs a search of Instant Hookups members by keywords, they will be able to easily find your profile. For example, if you are looking for an affair or an experience with a married woman, you can write keywords like “affair“, “married woman“, “cheating“, and “discreet” in your profile. When InstantHookups finds similar keywords in another profile that matches your parameters, they will place them in your AutoMatch selections for you to browse. Plus, if another member does a search for “affair” your profile will pop up in their results! There is literally no downside to using this technique.

Go For It: If you have never been on an adult hookup dating site before, the thing you have to understand is that it is not like traditional dating. Here, you can find and have the women of your dreams! There are members on InstantHookups who are looking for every kind of kink, fetish, and sexual experience imagineable and there are women who are looking for men of every shape, size, color, and age. So, don not be afraid to message women that you might not otherwise approach in real life… you never know what might happen! Set your sights high and just… go for it!


As I mentioned above, has a few different membership levels. Each of their membership levels comes with different features, so that is how I am going to divide up this section of my review.

Basic Membership:

Photo & Video Uploading: You can upload any number of photos and video to your profile (including explicit ones). This may seem like a weird “feature” to list, but some adult dating sites only allow you to upload one photo unless you upgrade your account, which makes it harder to attract members to your profile.

AutoMatch: The InstantHookups matching system allows you to select, set, and save a variety of characteristics that they will then use to constantly search their member database for matches. By doing this, you will always have a well-curated and regularly-updated list of your best member match results available to you.

Basic Search: A basic search allows you to quickly search the Instant Hookups member database accordingly to your choice of a few select characteristics. These characteristics include age, gender, location. After you press the “search” button, the entire database is quickly searched and all potential matches are returned as your results.

Silver Membership:

Basic Features: The Silver Membership automatically includes all of the features of the Basic Membership.

Unlimited Contact: Silver Members are able to send and receive messages with no restrictions. This is an extremely useful feature when it comes to finding successful hookups and connections on

Advanced Search: The advanced search is the same as the basic search in function, but includes far more characteristics to select and search with. These characteristics include body type, marital status, hair color, eye color, breast size, religious views, political views, smoker/non-smoker, drinker/non-drinker, tattooed/not tattooed, pierced/not pierced, and so much more.

Listed Above Basic Members: Silver Members have their profiles listed above any and all Basic Members in the search results of other InstantHookups members. This ensures that your profile will be seen more often and by more members than those of the Basic Members, which is very helpful in receiving messages from women of the site.

Gold Membership:

Basic & Silver Features: The Gold Membership automatically includes all of the features of the Basic Membership and the Silver Membership.

Listed Above All Other Members: Gold Members have their profiles listed above any and all other InstantHookups members in the search results of other members. This ensures that your profile will be seen more often and by more members than those of the Basic Members or Silver Members, which is very helpful in receiving messages from women of the site.

Unlimited Access To The Gold Room: With a Gold Membership, you get full, unlimited access to InstantHookupsGold Room. Great, right? So, what is the Gold Room? The Gold Room is essentially a very large pornography website built right into the InstantHookups network. This ends up being a GREAT value if you are the kind of man who is already paying for a pornography site membership somewhere else. There are endless photos, videos, and movies to enjoy, as InstantHookups spends over $20,000 each month on new content. There is even a live webcam show area where you can interact with camgirls as they do live sex shows! If you are a lover of good quality porn (who among us isn’t, am I right?), then the InstantHookups Gold Membership is right up your alley.


There are a few different things to consider when we talk about the pricing of First of all, InstantHookups is 100% FREE to join. Having this ability to get on to the site free of charge in order to assess its quality is something that is unheard of on many adult dating sites and is something that makes Instant Hookups a head above the rest. This free access is what is considered to be the Basic Membership of If you want to upgrade your account (something that I have had extreme success with, personally), then you will begin to encounter their pricing system. For a Silver Membership, you can either pay $29.95/month with a one month commitment or $19.98/month with a three month commitment. For a Gold Membership, you can either pay $34.95/month with a one month commitment, $23.32/month with a three month commitment, or $12.50/month with a twelve month commitment.

If you are not used to paying monthly membership fees for anything, this can seem a little steep, but I promise you that it is well worth the investment. Take a look at their biggest value: $12.50/month if you agree to a twelve month commitment. That amount is nearly nothing when you consider some of the other ways you might spend money to try to find a date! Hell, $12.50 is less than the price of two drinks at a bar!


I honestly do not know if there are any drawbacks to InstantHookups. I mean, I really do think this site is just a marvel of the modern world. There was nothing that I ever encountered on this site that made me suspicious, off-put, or uncomfortable, and there was certainly never a time where I thought the site might be a scam or anything like that. I have had nothing but success on and I can only recommend it whole-heartedly to everyone who is looking to meet men and women for sex online.


I have always considered myself to be a fair judge of character and quality and I really hate giving anything a perfect score, but I guess I always knew that InstantHookups would come out of this review with 5 full stars out of 5. I just really cannot find a single existing flaw when it comes to! I really think that this site is a godsend to the worlds of sex and online dating. I would recommend it to any and all of my interested friends and I 100% recommend it to any and all people who are reading this right now. will change your life for the better and give you the kind of sex life that you have been dreaming of for as long as you can remember.

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