MatureLoverSearch Review


Our Rating: 4


As everyone knows, the last few years have seen a massive boom in the number of online dating websites. Most people are familiar with the big ‘banner” names (mostly those like OKCupid, PlentyOfFish, and eHarmony), but the general public may be less knowledgeable of websites like, which (clearly) caters to a very specific audience. It’s fortunate that the upsurge in dating sites has also engendered a great deal of niche sites that center in on specific people within the dating market.

DETAILS is the ultimate online senior dating site for people over 50. As is previously mentioned, in navigating the world of online dating, it can be difficult to find sites that are tailored to specific age groups, and specific needs. occupies a very central position as the ‘Web’s ‘#1 mature hook-up site.”   The homepage is tasteful and attractive and features a snowflake pattern backdrop and an array of smiling, winking older people. Almost everyone is wearing blue and white; there are a lot of cardigans, a lot of slacks, and almost no skin. Everyone looks kindly and avuncular and incredibly pleased to be there, on your computer screen. The badge on the upper right hand corner reads ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed! 100% Hookup Guarantee.”

You’re first asked to choose who you’re looking to meet: woman, man, transsexual, straight couple, lesbian couple, gay couple.   You’re then asked who you are, and given the same set of options, and then moved to ‘where are you looking to hook up?” After that you’re simply asked to choose a screen name and enter your email address, and from there you’re off and running/boning.

The site is features the usual bragging: ‘100% Guaranteed Sex” and so on. But it also gets to the target more quickly than other websites: the homepage features member’s profile pics, and the green ‘online” light is illuminated in most cases. You can send and receive messages for free; there are message boards and chat rooms.

matureloversearch-sign-up-processIf feeling especially bold, you can view the ‘hottest members,” and if you’re wanting fresh flesh, you can look at the ‘newest members.” You can easily add photos and videos, and you’re given a series of tips to help you build a tantalizing profile. As a free member, you can perform a basic search; as a paid (Gold or Silver) member, you’ll get open access to all search features, which basically means that you can specify preferences with regards to hair color, eye color, circumcision, body type, body hair, etc. The forums have interesting topic selections: you can discuss casual sex, dating in general, long term relationships, and so on. Additionally, you can post classified ads for threesomes, hookups, orgies, etc. Unfortunately, these perks are only available to paying members. You can choose between a pretty extensive variety of options, with regards to what you’re looking for: 1-on-1 dating, alternative activities, swingers, fetishes, online friends, etc.

In viewing other members, you have the option to send flirt/instant message/send email/friend request/block user/report abuse and so on, the usual suspects.   Many of the profile pictures are concealed, so you have to request access, which is a good way of nudging shyer members toward putting themselves out there! You’re able to rate user photos, and leave yourself private ‘notes” about members. Most of the members have chosen very explicit/erotic profile shots, and names like ‘Uneedmelikefood,” or ‘unleashedbeast,” so clicking around on becomes an experience in itself! The message boards are also full of tantalizing topics!


MatureLoverSearch Basic Membership features:
– site tailored for mature users
– basic member search
– the ability to make a detailed profile
– the ability to add photos and videos
– the ability to receive incoming messages
– the ability to block other members
– a “special offers” page

MatureLoverSearch Silver Membership features:
– all features of basic membership
– the ability to view all members’ photos and videos
– the ability to contact all other members
– the ability to add members to your ‘friend list”
– advanced searches
– listed above basic members in search results

MatureLoverSearch Gold Membership features:
– all features of silver membership
– the ability to contact all other members (100 outgoing emails per day)
– full access to extras including erotic photos, streaming movies, downloadable videos, erotic stories, and live webcam shows
– listed above basic and silver members in search results


A Basic Membership is free, while a Silver Membership is $19.98/month (for 3 months) or $29.95 if you want to pay per month. A Gold Membership is $12.50/month (for 12 months), $23.32/month (for 3 months), or $34.95 if you want to pay per month. You can also upgrade to a Silver Membership for a three day trial for $1.95.


CONCLUSION is an online dating website that makes you feel like you’re part of the action pretty much immediately, what with the member’s profile pics stacked up on the screen, all of the search options, the chat rooms and discussion groups and forums. The sheer number of profiles available may feel overwhelming, if you’re a older person who’s not entirely familiar with the world of online dating, but I believe that most people should be able to acclimatize pretty quickly, since the site itself is both handsomely and usefully designed, and the interface is easy to master. I would encourage users of to get extremely picky about what they do and do not want, because it really seems like there’s someone for everyone. Trust your instincts and plow ahead! promises sex, and I believe it has the ability to deliver on that promise. And if not, the site encourages ‘other activities” as well…friendship, etc. If you don’ want to use it as a hookup site, it seems like you could definitely use it as just a community resource, if you felt like getting advice about sex and dating in general, or just making connections with other people across a wide range of communities. If ‘strawberryflavor1” doesn’ exactly do it for you, perhaps joining a forum to discuss travel, sports, or fitness and health will! And there will be the added bonus that you and your potential discussion mates will have both navigated to the forum from the dating site, so romantic/sexual possibilities should definitely be in the air! There are many ways with which to meet a potential mate, and seems to have an excellent grasp on a lot of them.