NaughtyMeetings Review


Our Rating: 4

ABOUT is an adult dating website for people who want to find hookups (with other single people, couples, or both!)

Given the explosion of dating sites over the last few years, it can be hard to find one that encompasses a broad range of people, practices, places, and preferences. NaughtyMeetings seems to be a site that has it all! If you’re looking for sex, you should look no further.


The NaughtyMeetings homepage features a gif of an attractive blonde who takes you through a short series of questions about who you are, who you’re interested in meeting, etc. Although this may seem like kind of a tedious task, NaughtyMeetings actually streamlines the process quite well, so you don’ feel like you’re just jumping through hoop after hoop. All of the questions are prettily illustrated and the entire website is sleekly designed and easy to navigate. NaughtyMeetings  is a bit more prudish than other sites (like XXXLove or Perversions, for example) as it doesn’ ask for things like what your favorite position is, where you like to have sex, how often you masturbate, etc. It seems to be a nice cross between the raunchier sites, and the most restrained ones. There are no close-ups of genitals (at least, not in the question section!) and no explicit sexual references.

Basic membership is free, and once you’re logged on and set up (you could definitely spend a while creating and organizing an elaborate, provocative profile…though you’re also able to construct a very basic one) the site’s easy to navigate. The banner across the top reads ‘100% Guaranteed Sex!’ Apparently NaughtyMeetings promises that they will give you a three month Gold Membership for free if you don’ hook up within 100 days of joining the site!   (For me, the question of whether or not there would be anyone willing to admit such a thing is especially pertinent, but, you know, it’s a nice perk!)
naughty-meetings-homepage The search function on NaughtyMeetings is fairly selective: you can screen people according to where they live, what you’re looking for (age, gender, etc). Gold and Silver members get to be even more specific, with options like marital status, sexual preference, cut/uncut, body hair, body type, height range, ethnicity, languages spoken, hair color, eye color, smoking, drinking habits, and so on. NaughtyMeetings suggests an order for doing things, once you’ve joined the site and are ‘ready to find a sexy date’:

1. See who’s viewed your profile
2. Update your profile, adding photos and videos
3. Check out your matches
4. Search for a date
5. Visit the forums
6. Join a chat room
7. Upgrade your account!

So how much can you do on this site, for free? The answer is: not much, but enough to make you want to do more. NaughtyMeetings is not coy about its main function: to help people be able to have sex with each other, in public or otherwise, in pairs, trios, and groups. And you could definitely meet people, even with just a basic profile. But it really seems to make more sense to upgrade – the benefits are huge, and the cost is low.

NaughtyMeetings also has something called “Auto Match”, which lets you choose as many or as few characteristics of your ideal mate as you wish, and then updates those matches on your “View Your Latest Matches” page. The site explains, “Our entire database is searched for those people who exactly meet your specifications. You can save your Auto Match settings, and we’ll regularly update the results as new members join.’    


NaughtyMeetings features:
– millions of members
– easy to use site
– basic member search
– the ability to make a detailed profile with photos and videos
– the ability to receive incoming emails from other members
– the ability to send invitations to meet in person with other members
– the ability to block other members

NaughtyMeetings Silver Membership features:
– all features of basic membership
– advanced search
– the ability to view all members’ photos and videos
– the ability to contact all other members
– the ability to add members to your ‘friend list’
– listed above basic members in search results
– guarantee that you will have a successful hookup in 100 days, or your money back

NaughtyMeetings Gold Membership features:
– all features of silver membership
– listed above basic and silver members in search results
– access to email, IM, chat, webcam chat, and adult chatrooms
– access to community page with blogs, forums, online store, magazines, message boards, etc.


A Basic Membership is free, while a Silver Membership is $19.98/month (for 3 months) or $29.95 if you want to pay per month. A Gold Membership is $12.50/month (for 12 months), $23.32/month (for 3 months), or $34.95 if you want to pay per month. You can also upgrade to a Silver Membership for a three day trial for $1.95.naughty‐pricelist


The only real complaint I have about NaughtyMeetings  is that, much like some other sites I’ve reviewed,there is no mention of how little you can do with the too-good-to-be-true free membership. You need to be willing to spend the money to upgrade to a Silver or Gold Membership, or else it seems like a waste of time to join this site.


NaughtyMeetings is kind of the perfect 21st century dating website. It’s definitely intended more to facilitate casual hookups, but you can make the site into whatever you want it to be. If you feel like uploading photos of yourself in a red latex corset, leather thigh highs, and a black lace thong, wielding a whip and scowling horrifically, you can do that! If you want to upload a photo of yourself in a turtleneck, posing in front of your collection of cookbooks, holding your overweight cat, that’s fine too! Additionally, if you’re feeling especially brave, you can check out the ‘hottest members’ and ‘hottest pics’ sections, and acquaint yourself with the lauded beauties of!

NaughtyMeetings is able to accommodate many different tastes and preferences, and it does an excellent job of catering to its members, with options like the turn on/off erotic photos feature, and so on. It strikes me as being a good site both for people who are used to the complicated world of online sex/dating/hookups, as well as people who are less accustomed to putting themselves out there online. The chat rooms and forums and message boards offer a great opportunity for shyer and /or more cautious members to flex their social muscles and talk to some strangers, and if you feel less like sharing ‘your most embarrassing sex stories!’ and more like just talking about the ins and outs of dating, and your own experiences, that’s your choice! There are lots of different ways to find the right person for you, and it’s nice that NaughtyMeetings seems to realize that different types of members are going to use different avenues to finding love, sex, dates, etc. Perhaps you want to get spanked by a woman dressed as a peanut while listening to Gordon Lightfoot. Perhaps you want to have a traditional coffee date and be walked to your door afterwards. NaughtyMeetings has such a broad membership, you’re sure to find someone who suits your needs (whatever those may be). And, if not, there’s always the 100 day guarantee!