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Our Rating: 2

ABOUT is a dating website that specializes in connecting singles for romance, sex, dating and love! It is also very glitzy: once you reach the homepage, the Montell Jordan song “Get It On Tonight” starts playing, there’s a flickering backdrop of various member’s faces, and there’s a prominently displayed banner that reads ‘Endorsed by R&B legend Keith Sweat.’ Scrolling down, you see something called a ‘Launch Party Video’ (which shows you an ad for the ‘True Love Meets Tour,’ featuring, you guessed it, Keith Sweat) and another ad for a ‘Grown Sexy Cruise,’ (from Miami to Nassau, happening from April 6th to 13th, 2014). Finally: there’s a link to Keith Sweat’s recently published book, ‘Making It Last Forever: The Do’s and the Don’s’. Given all of this data, my first conclusion was that TrueLoveMeets is some kind of weirdo Keith Sweat vanity project. Why would an R & B star decide to invest in a dating website? I suppose that (in an oblique way) it could be a clever move in terms of promoting his own music…but to me it still seems like a deeply strange venture!



From the home page, you can do something called a ‘quick search,’ which just means logging in with your gender, country, and whether you’re seeking a man or a woman. You’re taken to a display page that features multiple member profiles and invited to ‘view profile,’ ‘add to friends,’ ‘add to favorites,’ ‘send message,’ ‘send wink,’ etc. Under FAQs you can get a fuller sense of the site’s mission: ‘We are focusing on QUALITY rather than quantity. We know a lot of sites tout that they have lots of members. We will have thousands of members as well but where we differ will be that our members will be quality members. Real members looking for real love. We will also be having parties in cities across the US and some abroad. This will give our members to chance to meet with others in a relaxed setting. Come out, have fun, and meet someone you saw on the site. We will also be doing a lot of giveaways. For example if you meet here and become a couple you will be eligible to receive a trip courtesy of TrueLoveMeets. This is just to say thank you.’

Well, okay! This leaves me with a lot of questions, namely: how does TrueLoveMeets measure ‘quality’? What standards does the site (or rather, do the site’s operators) use? How could they possibly enforce ‘high’ standards upon their members? Does ‘quality’ have to do with wealth? Looks? Social standing? It seems to me that it must, since other elements like, I don’ know, kindness, compassion, and general good-person-ness would be basically impossible to evaluate! I am also very suspicious of these international ‘parties,’ the various ‘cruises,’ and the ‘trip’ that couples who met on the site are entitled to. Tellingly, when you click on a flashy ad for ‘The True Love Meets Tour’ you’re taken to Keith Sweat’s personal homepage, where you can see a list of his tour dates in the U.S. Canada, and abroad.


The registration process for TrueLoveMeets is very basic (so basic that it deepens my doubts about how they manage to ‘screen’ their members!) You choose a username and a password, and provide your email address. Once you’re taken to your profile, you see that the site has a clean, simple design, with the usual options like winks, emails, webchat, alerts, etc. You can see who viewed you, who’s online, and so on. Unfortunately, though, it takes 72 hours for your profile to be ‘approved.’ It’s unclear what’s meant by this…with most other dating sites the ‘approval’ delay is mostly just to ensure that you’re not a spambot, but with truelovemeets you have to wonder if the site’s administrators are trying to judge whether you’re a ‘quality’ member or not. The entire time you’re on the site, the media player at the top of the screen streams sentimental R & B: Usher, Mariah Carey, and so on.


– Endorsed by R and B superstar Keith Sweat
– ‘Designed to bring QUALITY people with like interests together’
– Prizes for couples who meet on the site
– Attractive interface; easy signup process
– Parties, cruises, etc.
– Free basic profile
– Platinum membership
– Advanced search options
– Advanced privacy settings
– Skype function
Truelovemeets has a strong social media presence: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

PRICING is free. To become a platinum member, see below:

true-love-meets-platinum CONCLUSION

It’s difficult to tell what has going for it, beyond just a lot of empty claims. As I mentioned: this whole screening-for-quality thing is obviously nonsense, the ‘parties’ at clubs throughout the US sound like cash grabs, and I would bet that this site mainly exists as a way to promote the music, concerts, and abs of Keith Sweat. One of the members states ‘women tht has the right package haha’ under ‘my interests.’ If you click on the ‘events’ tab, you’re taken to an empty calendar. Nonetheless: various promises stream continuously under the calendar, things like ‘Trust you dont (sic) want to miss the next TrueLoveMeets event it will be Ultra Sexy and held at a Hot Exclusive Venue RSVP now!!!’ This is all pretty embarrassing stuff. Clicking around on the site, I feel like I’ve opened my gmail spam folder…there are egregious grammar errors, weird inflated claims, random capitalization, and lots of words like ‘sexy,’ ‘exclusive,’ ‘hot,’ and ‘exotic.’

I think is a ridiculous website. But in saying that I do not mean to discount or criticize the experiences of all users…the site clearly has a large members base, and I’m sure lots of people find it to be a great place to meet people and hook up. (Especially if they happen to be fans of R & B superstar Keith Sweat.) But I would certainly not recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a sophisticated, authentic online dating experience. has an (unwritten) promotional agenda that has nothing to do with improving the romantic lives of its members, and everything to do with improving Keith Sweat’s financial situation.

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