XXXConnect Review


Our Rating: 5


XXXConnect is an adult dating site for those looking for adult connections – you know, discreet, dirty, casual sexual connections. It’s homepage boasts that not only can it provide you with local hookups, but it can also hook you up with people you may even know – “you know them from school, from the gym, they are your neighbors!”

The homepage also promises hundreds of lonely local females, and announces in large unmissable letters: “This site contains naked pictures of someone you know!” I mean, I personally prefer to find nudes of those I don’t already know, but hey.. whatever floats your boat. Regardless, with over 68,000,000 total members, there’s a big pool of potential pleasure partners available to you.

So, now that you’re good an intrigued with who’s nudes this site may unveil,  it’s on to the set up! xxxconnect-com-review


Setup is simple and straight forward:
– “Who are you?” (man/woman/couple/transexual),
– “How old are you?”,
– “Where do you want to hook up?”,
– “How do you feel about oral sex?” (not a chance in hell/hate giving love getting/love giving hate getting/I like it sometimes/It’s a requirement),
– “How do you feel about anal sex?” (same options as with oral),
– “Are you looking for a discreet encounter?”
Then it’s as simple as picking a username (something saucy!) and inputting your email address.

Once you’ve logged on to XXXConnect, you can create your profile! This is where you can get really specific, or be very vague, about who you are and what it is you’re looking for. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to find a compatible companion and have a successful hookup. But there’s no shame in not knowing exactly what it is you’re looking for yet.

Choose to input any or all of your basic information (gender, birthday, zodiac sign, height, body type, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and marital status) and your “stats” (hair colour, eye colour, tattoos, piercings, top or bottom, education, interests, exercise habits, sports and exercise you like, occupation, net worth, income, languages you speak, political views, religious views, personal style, eating habits, type of car you own, whether you drink/smoke/do drugs, whether you have/want kids, whether you have pets and what kinds and whether you like pets and what kinds), as well as an “About Me” and “About My Match” sections where you can write a broader summary, or add details that the other sections didn’t cover. For any areas you do not feel like disclosing, you can simply answer “Tell ya later“.

There’s also a section where you can declare yourself as a “paid companion“. No judgement here.

You fill in similar information about your preferred potential match. Prefer to hookup with a blue-eyed, blonde-haired beauty? Want them pierced and covered in tattoos? Really only interested in married folks with a large net worth? How about a certain ethnicity? Does they need to have the same political views as you? Need to make sure your match is going to love your eleven hamsters? This is the place to get that out in the open. Anything you don’t care about, simply answer “Does not matter.

And make sure to upload photos and videos if you want traffic on your profile! Go all out, if you’re willing! XXXConnect is full of racy member photos!

And now you’re good to go!

As a Basic Member, you are only be able to do basic searches and receive emails from other members, but Silver and Gold Memberships offer you access to the site features, including online chat rooms and IM, advanced searches, the ability to read and send emails, dating advice, a swingers club, streaming movies, downloadable videos, erotic stories, and live webcam shows. Plus, once you are a Silver or Gold Member, your profile will show up higher on other members’ search results.


XXXConnect Basic Member Features:
– basic member search
– the ability to make a detailed profile with photos and videos
– the ability to receive incoming emails from other members
– the ability to send invitations to meet in person with other members
– the ability to block other members
– a “special offers” page with deals on other sites and products

XXXConnect Silver Member Features:
– all features of basic membership
– the ability to view all members’ photos and videos
– the ability to contact all other members (25 outgoing emails per day)
– the ability to add members to your “friend list”
– advanced searches
– listed above basic members in search results

XXXConnect Gold Member Features:
– all features of silver membership
– the ability to contact all other members (100 outgoing emails per day)
– full access to “The Gold Room” (includes dating advice, a swingers club, erotic photos, streaming movies, downloadable videos, erotic stories, and live webcam shows)
– listed above basic and silver members in search results


A Basic Membership is free, while a Silver Membership is $19.98/month (for 3 months) or $29.95 if you want to pay per month. A Gold Membership is $12.50/month (for 12 months), $23.32/month (for 3 months), or $34.95 if you want to pay per month. You can also upgrade to a Silver Membership for a three day trial for $1.95.


XXXConnect is definitely geared towards men (or those interested in females), featuring a homepage plastered with scantily clad women and the promise of “hundreds of lonely females members”. This simply does not appeal to the heterosexual female (which is a large demographic, let’s not forget!). And although this may seem to only be a drawback if you’re female, remember men – you want these ladies to sign up. That being said, once you’re on the site it is clear that there is not a lack of women! Quite the opposite, in fact! Which, is an incredible pro if you’re a man, but a little bit of a drawback if you’re a lady like me.

The prices may be a little steeper than other sites, but they do not venture into unreasonable territory, and still end up being cheaper than a few nights out in the club.

There are also an unfortunate number of “sponsors” and the occasional pop-up ad, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from other sites of this nature.


XXXConnect is exactly what you expect – locals looking to do the dirty! The prices are fair, and there are a lot of features at your disposal if you’re willing to fork out the funds for the Gold Membership.

Regardless of whether XXXConnect lives up to it’s claim of finding people you know on their site, there’s enough thrilling potential encounters offered here that I really don’t think anyone will complain.

Good luck, and happy hookups.