Safe Sex Is Good Sex


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The fact is that while fucking has never been totally safe, these days unprotected sexual contact can be even more risky. There are some very serious sexually transmitted conditions that can be spread through sexual contact including HIV, which can lead to AIDS, and hepatitis, which is even easier to contact and even more fatal, and other diseases yet alone sexual contact that can lead to an unplanned pregnancy. That is why men and women not only need to know about and practice safe sex but also do it all the time. One of the very best ways to avoid all kinds of sexually transmitted conditions is also the simplest: if you are a man then use a condom. While condoms will not protect against thinks like pubic lice, sometimes called crabs, a good condom< worn correctly can protect against all kinds of sexually transmitted conditions including HIV and hepatitis. A condom will also protect both the wearer and the person wearing the condom’s sexual partner, man or woman, it is also very good as it will protect during anal or vaginal intercourse but also oral sex.

While sex researchers and scientists are in somewhat of a disagreement about the risks involved in cunnilingus, many women, rather than running the risk, use a barrier between themselves and the person performing oral sex on them. These barriers can be a sheet of rubber, called a dental dam, but also as simple as a sheet of plastic wrap.

Some sexual behaviors, though, are simply very risky even with protection such as a condom or a barrier. Anal sex, for example, is extremely risky for transmitting or contracting a sexual disease as the anus is very fragile and can easily be torn, leading to the possibility of an infection. That is why, even though you may have all the safe sex techniques there are, anal sex is something that is always something with inherent risks and the disease status of both people involved should be known.

Sex is simply not safe. No matter what single men and women do, it is essential that we all realize we all need to know and do all we can to execute safe sex and have sex safely not just when fucking but all the time; especially if you met the person through dating online personals and don’t know much about their ┬áhistory.