Send Out The Clowns


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This is an open letter to all women who wear too much makeup:
You are prettier without it!

I don’t understand how it’s become trendy to layer so much makeup on that you no longer look like yourself. There’s nothing more unsettling than dating someone only for weeks only to realize they look like a completely different person when the makeup remover comes out.

Don’t do it to yourselves! And especially don’t do it in your online dating profile.

When guys search profiles, the first thing they notice is if they have a physical attraction to your profile picture, so it’s important to use a good one! Most guys will look right past someone with too much makeup on, not because it’s unappealing, but because it gives the appeal that you’re not portraying the true you. If you’re not being honest about your natural look in your profile picture, then why should men assume you’re being honest about anything else on your page?

I don’t like the heavy makeup look, and I know I’m not alone. After seeing too many people that looked like they should be coming out of a clown car on free dating sites, I turned to my friends to get a second opinion and surprise, surprise, I’m not alone. Most of them agreed that it’s not who they really are, but a few of them had concerns about aging. Aging? From one little profile picture? But they were right. I didn’t know that the foundation females wear clog the pores that need to breathe in order for your skin to remain youthful. I guess their anti-aging look is failing a little, since what they’re doing is going to result in them aging more in the end.

My point is, we want to see the real you, not the Cover Girl version of yourself. Highlight your natural beauty in your profile picture and you’ll find yourself getting messages from the kinds of people that you actually want to attract. The first impression is important and you only have one chance at it, so get rid of the Cirque de Soleil look and aim towards a picture Mother Nature would be proud of.