Should You Ever Say I Love You Online?


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It seems like there’s rules for everything in dating– who should pay for the date, who should make the first move, when you should get into bed with someone– but there is yet to be a set rulebook for online dating. Since online dating hasn’t been around for too long, and for the time it has been around it’s been constantly evolving, it’s hard to play it safe. What is safe in online dating? Messaging only the people that message you? Messaging everybody so you have a better chance of getting a date? It’s hard to say.

One of the biggest debates in online dating is those three words people often dread on saying for the first time– “I love you.” We’ve grown up being old not to give anyone big news over the phone. If you want to say I love you for the first time, or if you want to do the opposite and break up with someone, you should never do it over the phone, because it’s impersonal and disrespectful. But with the invention of online dating and people getting so intimate online, is it ever alright to say “I love you” To someone you only know online?

People create relationships so intimate online these days that they can go through the entire dating process– the initial hello, the first date, the relationship climax and the breakup– all on the Internet without ever meeting face-to-face. Things like IM and Skype have made it possible to be with someone without ever having to be in the same town, and it makes people in online relationships have genuine feelings towards their Internet partner.

Every relationship is different, so trying to say if you should or shouldn’t say I love you online is impossible. You have to decipher your relationship and figure out if it’s the right thing for you to do. If you feel like you saying it will get a positive response from the other person and not push them away, then go for it! The thing you have to remember is that in a face-to-face relationship, you can always repair the awkward situation if it’s not said in return. When you’re online, you have no control over the other half speaking or not. Be sure before you say anything, or you may risk everything you’ve built.

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