Should You Still Keep In Contact After You Break Up?


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When you’re dating someone you grew an organic relationship with, it’s hard to not keep contact when you break up. Chances are you have mutual friends, social circles, etc. that would make it almost impossible to cut all ties even if you wanted to. But when you start a relationship through online dating where you have no connections to in the real world, is it worth your time to keep in contact with them?

If you started your relationship online, chances are it was easier to communicate because you had the computer as a safety blanket between the two of you. You got to talk about your similar interests, your hobbies and your lifestyles without the pressure of making a real connection. When you meet in the real world for the first time, the pressure is on to transfer that easy conversation into reality, which is hard to do. If your connection doesn’t work offline, that doesn’t make your connection online any less strong. If the romance wasn’t there when you met them, you still have the opportunity to keep them as a friend.

Online dating can be tricky, because you have great conversations with people without actually knowing how you’ll interact when you meet. You’ll notice when with any groups of friends that they tend to have similar personality traits, but all the individuals are very different from one another. By that logic, he may have a friend who’s similar to himself, but would be better suited for you in a romantic scenario. Asking them to hook you up with a friend after your first date just floundered may not be the best idea, but if you stay in touch with him, chances are he’ll think of you as a suitable match if any of his friends ask if he knows anyone he could set them up with.

Besides the dating and friendship opportunities that could come out of staying in touch with them, there’s always the chance that they’ll be able to open doors for you in your profession. Even if you’re established in your career, networking is always important, and the more people you know from different social groups, the easier it is to do it. He may know someone or work with someone who can be of help to you in your job down the line.

If an online relationship ends up being a dud in the real world, you should still keep in contact with them so you can keep the friendship in tact. A bad date can still mean a good friend!

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