Silent Expectations


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Before you finally score a date through your favorite online dating site, it’s important to keep in mind just how unpredictable women can be. Often expecting you to do and say everything without having to ask for it, they can be a real challenge to tackle. And so, before you find yourself in yet another bad relationship, read on for a list of the top five things that most women will expect you to do but never really ask for it in the first place. Consider yourself warned.

When Angry, Let Her Vent – One of the most common mistakes men make with their significant-others is trying to calm them down in the middle of an ‘episode’. Whether it’s that time of the month or she has had enough of her snarky co-worker, telling her to “calm down” is only bound to further piss her off. Be smart and let her cool off on her own.

It’s Not Always ‘OK’ – Picture the following scenario, you ask your girlfriend if it’s ok for you to postpone movie night and go hang out with your buddies instead. Almost instantly, she will say “sure, no problem”. However, upon arriving back home, you find your sour puss in a mood and ready to turn your evening into a living hell. Before having to deal with silent treatments and nagging sessions, consider sticking to your original plan and meeting your friends at a later date.

Surprise Her – While women will never expect you to constantly provide her with grand romantic gestures, she will expect the occasional reminder of your unconditional love. Failure to surprise her with flowers or other small gestures will result in pent up resentment and arguments to come.

Let Her Primp – Some men are so dead against makeup, excessive shoes and shopping that they will proceed to nag at their partners evertime they get a little carried away when getting ready. With that said, it’s important to respect her right to be a girl and allow her to take as long as necessary to deem herself ready. Push enough buttons and she will lash out at you – and not in a good way.

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