So Long, Summer! Fun Dates To Send Off The Season


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Now that September has crept up faster than anyone expected, it’s time to say goodbye to the summer and hello to the action of fall. But before you send off the warm weather and start layering on the jackets to brace for the cold, you might as well enjoy one last round of fun summer dating experiences!

Get drinks on a rooftop patio

As soon as the fall winds start picking up, rooftop patios are all but useless for romantic dates. Almost all major cities have rooftop bars where you can go and soak in the scenery of the bright lights. Most major high class hotel chains have roof top bars so they’re quite easy to find. A simple Google search will give you a list of the ones in your area!

Enjoy one last ball game

Going to baseball games during the summer are fun, but there’s always an added layer of thrill if go to one at the end of the summer. Either you get to join in with other fans to cheer your team to the finals, or you get to celebrate the last games of the season in one last celebration. The atmospheres of a date can make bad or good, and when you’re around thousands of people all having a great time, you’re sure to enjoy the date!

Have fun on the beach

Most people think ‘beach’ and picture frolicking in the water. Although that’s a great option, it’s usually not anyones first choice. But there’s a ton you can do on the beach to have fun! Getting back to your childish self by a game of frisbee in the sand or building a castle will get you both loose and having a good time. And best of all, it’s free dating!

Get into the new shows

If you’re more of a home body and want to make a good date in ¬†your house, spark the entertainment excitement by watching the premiers of the new fall shows! Make a list of shows you want to watch together and turn it into an experience. Make popcorn and have snacks on hand so the two of you can have the movie experience right in your house!

Time is running out to enjoy fun summer dates, so take advantage of the last few days of summer and enjoy your time out!

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