Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution


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January. It’s that beautiful month where even the pessimists of the world are full of hope for a better year. One with less heartache, more good dates, and of course, one where you can lose 80 pounds by eating nothing but chocolate and movie popcorn. Unfortunately after January passes, most people have a better memory of their black-out drunk New Years than what their resolutions were.

So how can you stick to your plan for a better life throughout all of 2012, instead of just for the first 20 days and 12 minutes of it? Check out the cut to see our proven way to stick to your goals for the year!

The biggest mistake people make in setting a resolution for themselves is they have no plan of action. Saying you want to find love or lose weight is great, but how are you going to do those things? Take out your calendar and set monthly goals for yourself. If your goal is to find love, set a goal for yourself to go one at least one date set up by a friend and one date you met online a month. This will allow you to stay focused on your end result while taking small, easy steps towards it.

It’s hard to save money, but when you get to spend it on something fun, it’s worth it! Put aside a few dollars every day so when you reach these goals, you can buy that new sweater you’ve been looking for or invest in that tanning package you’ve been yearning for since the summer. Find something you want every month and set that as your reward for following your schedule. If you don’t meet your monthly goal, then you put that reward off until the next month. What better motivation to get it done than knowing what you want is right on the other side of your resolution success?

Not getting that new sweater isn’t enough to keep you on track, you have to have strict consequences if you’re not doing what you should be! Take things you don’t like doing but that improve your lifestyle and use them as punishment for not following through on your goals. That way if you have to do them you’re reminded of why you wanted to reach your goal in the first place while all the while strengthening your lifestyle. No one really wants to run an extra 2 miles during their work out, but doing that may just be enough motivation to follow through on your resolution the next month!

It’s not enough to have a resolution, you need to make it happen. Follow these three easy steps and you’ll be on your way to your resolution in no time!

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