Subtle Hints That Show You Care


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While it can be easy to chat up a guy at the bar, how do you go about showing him just how interested your really are? After all, you don’t want to be mistakened for yet another bar fly who is looking for a meaningless hookup. For when you want to show you really care – or at least get a few dates out of it – follow some of these handy tricks of the trade.

1. Mention His Style – Despite what you may think, not all guys are careless when it comes to their sense of style. While they’ll never admit to it, most men actually put quite a bit of thought into how they dress. Giving him some quick positive reinforcement will be sure to put a smile to his face.

2. Be There For His Team – Whether your prospect is in the basketball team or simply likes watching a football match at the pub, show him you care by making an effort to see him. However, don’t get too carried away by showing up in your cheerleading outfit. A quick cheer every now and then should suffice.

3. Show Him The Bigger Picture – One of the best, and more subtle ways of presenting your prospect with the bigger picture is to have him join in on your group photo. You can then casually ask him for his email (double score) and show him just how happy you two looked that night. The effort alone will speak louder than words.

4. Ask For Help – This is when being a lady comes in handy. If in the middle of the street, you stumble across a handsome stranger, play dumb girl, play dumb. Approach him and ask for directions. Once he tells you where to go, keep on playing dumb and ask if he would mind taking you himself. Be sure to keep your destination within walking distance. You don’t want to push your limits.

5. Play A Game – One of the best ways to show a guy that you ‘would like to peruse this further’ is by challenging him to an outdoors game of your choice. Whether is a toned-down game of football or tag, some playful tackling should be more than enough evidence of your true intentions – unconditional love. But you’ll never confess to that either.

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