Summer Flings: Worth The Search


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Winters in the online dating world can be tough. Studies show that people are less likely to create dating accounts during the colder months because that’s generally the time of year when businesses are at their height and people just don’t have the time. Now that summer is coming around, it’s not only time to update your wardrobe, it’s also time to update your dating profile to attract that perfect summer fling.

Start by getting rid of that profile picture of you in your Christmas sweater. People want to show (and see!) a little skin when the summer months start to heat up. Have great shoulders? A nice stomach? A good tan from a winter’s worth of fake-and-baking? Show it off! You want to put yourself out there for people to see, and the more they see, the more they’ll be intrigued.

When you’ve got your summer look down, try updating your hobbies and interests to attract a fun summer date. It’s great that you love to ski and make snowmen, but why do people care about that in the summer? Let people know how you can’t wait to go on your first canoe trip of the year, and how you and your friends basically lived at the beach last summer. This will jump start not only easy conversations with people of similar interests, but it will also give potential dates great ideas of where to go. Finding a meeting spot is always hard for the first date, so letting people know your interests of the season is a great way to get over that barrier.

Make sure to keep your mind open to short flings! This doesn’t have to be a two-date-wonder, but often people travel to other areas for the summer and turn to online dating to find a companion for their time in town. He’s only here for two months? So what? That’s 60 days of a potential great time. Even if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you never know where a good summer fling can lead. Give it a shot and if it ends when the snow comes, then at least you had a summer of great days and steamy nights.

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