Take Me Out To The Ball Game: An Online Dating Idea


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Baseball. It’s America’s favorite past time, Canada’s greatest time waster while hockey is on its off-season, and is one of the best places for a date. Excitement, athleticism, guilt free fattening foods, and, best of all, people doing the wave from the first hit to the last inning. It’s a great atmosphere to be around, and an exciting place to make a connection with a date.

So if you’re still dating online, how do you use this perfect date place to your advantage? Easy, you go to the ball game!

Just because you’re dating someone over the internet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same experiences that others get to in the real world! Most people who have internet relationships do so because they’re long distance and they can’t get to be in the same town, but with such great technological advances, you can have intimate experiences when you are that far apart.

On game day, have a set time to Skype with each other. Go all out and put on the gear of your favorite ball team so you’re ready to blend in with the other fans. When they log in, send them a link to a site that live streams the game, and get ready to enjoy the ball park!

Simply watching the game in a new and exciting setting with someone cheering along side you will make you feel like you’re at the game, and it will give you two something new to bond over. You don’t have to spend the money on the tickets or the travel to enjoy a MLB game together! So next time you both want to spend 9 innings together, watch the game together online!