The 5 Things Women Wish Men Knew


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Yesterday Louis gave an interesting inside look at the 5 things men wished women knew. But, as are all aspects of relationships, this is a two way street, and there are several things that women wish men knew as well.

  1. Women truly do like to be treated like a lady.
    When we joke around and ask why you never open the door for us, the proper response isn’t ‘They say chivalry  is dead!”    It’s our way of subtly letting you know that that we’d like you to act a little more like a gentleman. All women like being swept off their feet by romantic gestures, but it’s not what we expect. Treating the girl you’re dating  just a little more lady like in day to day scenarios is an easy thing to do, and it’s always greatly appreciated.
  2. The day can be made, and ruined, by the words you choose.
    Whoever said coined the saying ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,’ has obviously never spoken to someone before. It’s extremely easy to be hurt by words, and it’s even easiest to be hurt by someone you’re involved with. Saying the right thing can make our day, but saying the wrong can wreck our week. Think before you speak!
  3. It’s a great feeling to be pursued.
    “Playing hard to get” is such a harsh way of putting it. It’s not so much that women like the chase, they simply like the feeling that someone is interested enough in them to put in the extra effort. Every wonder why girls on online dating sites take so long to message you back? It’s because they’re waiting for that second message– the little extra something that says you’re willing to put in effort to gain her attention.
  4. We’ll always forgive, but we never forget.
    We understand that everybody makes mistakes, but when they’re mistakes that can jeopardize a relationship, it will stick with us. We always need time to forgive, but it’s very unlikely we’ll forget. We want to know you’ve learnt from your mistakes, so we hold onto things from the past to compare to current actions.    If we ever hold something against you, know we aren’t doing it intentionally, but subconsciously.
  5. We obviously want you to like us, but we’ll always want you to like you more.
    It’s important for a woman to be with a man who has a lot of self-confidence. If you’re always down on yourself, your lifestyle, or your job, it will be hard for us to make a real connection with you. Love yourself and we will love you back.

So there you have it! Ladies, you now have a little more insight on the man’s mind, and men, you now have the same for women. I hope this helps in your dating adventures!

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