The Best Seduction Techniques


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Even though you’re chatting and meeting women from a mainstream dating site or an adult dating site, you still need to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to seduction. Don’t automatically assume that because they are online dating they are desperate for a man or for sex, because that’s not necessarily the case.

In order to get what you’re looking for with a woman, you must be able to seduce her, the right way.

Here’s a look at the best seduction techniques of all time!:

Look into her eyes: Women seem to melt when a man they are interested in looks into their eyes and stays there. When you are talking to each other, let you eyes stay gazing into hers just a little longer than you should. When it’s time to look away, make it seem like looking away from her is the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Something so simple really shows a woman you want her, so next thing you know, she will be eating out of the palm of your hands.

Look at other parts of her body: When you look away from her eyes, do some traveling around her body. But don’t gawk! Just make it seem like you want her body because it is perfect. But like I said, don’t travel too far south or stare at her boobs, because that’s just creepy! Look at her neckline and her shoulders. She will think it’s cute that you find her desirable.

Take her to a nice restaurant:  Seducing someone is all about atmosphere. You need to be in the perfect spot in order to really impress her. Take her to a nice restaurant whee the lighting is perfect and there aren’t too many people too close so that you can’t engage in a nice conversation. The music should also be on point. Make sure you think about these things well before hand and do a little research so you an pick the perfect place.

Dress to impress: This one should be a no brainer! Like I’ve said before, you want to impress her. So you have to look good because you want her to be physically attracted to you. Women love a man who can dress in nice clothing. Make sure you shower and spray on a little cologne before hand too. Women love a man who smells good.

Show those pearly whites: This might seem so simple, but it is often forgotten and VERY important. By smiling often, it confirms to the woman that you are into her. If you’re not smiling, she will assume you’re not interested, therefore your chances of seducing her are out the window.

What do you think?”: Whenever you are saying something, giving an opinion or stating something, after you are done getting your point across you should always ask her what she thinks. This shows her, once again, that you are interested in her and what she has to say. Keep in mind that stimulating conversation is very important to women. Men think with their dicks and women think with their heads, so in order to seduce her, you need to stimulate her mind as well.

Laugh: In order to really create a bond between the two of you, you want to create “inside jokes” between the two of you. This will help to make it seem like you guys really know each other, rather than two people on a first date. Women love that shit!

If you incorporate all these tips when you’re on a date guys, you will definitely seduce her! It will be easy! Then the rest is up to you 😉