The Biggest First Date Don’ts


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Meeting singles is hard, but once you’ve found one you want to take out, there’s key things you should avoid doing. Talking about your cats is just fine, but a four hour conversation on the sweater you knitted her last Christmas is a big turn off for anyone. My friends and I always have the same complaints after first dates, and it’s frustrating knowing how avoidable those complaints could have been. These are some things you should avoid when on a first date.

Talking about your ex. We understand that everyone comes with a little baggage, such is life. But usually after a break up it’s not all good things you have to say about your ex, and negativity isn’t a good foot to start off on. Plus, nobody wants to sit with a date who seems hung up on a former fling. If you’re dating other people, then you’ve moved on. Start acting like and stop talking about them.

Saying you don’t like kids. It’s everyones prerogative to like and dislike what they want, but saying you don’t like kids is a  big turnoff for a lot of men and women. A surprisingly high per cent of people on dating websites are divorcees looking for a second chance at love, and usually those people have a kid from their marriage. Saying you don’t like kids blocks you from not only those people, but the people who one day would like to have kids as well. Not saying you don’t like kids won’t make you uncomfortable, but saying you don’t like them might make your date uncomfortable. Be considerate and keep that opinion to yourself on the first date.

Concentrating on online dating. When you meet someone through an  online dating website, it’s easy to concentrate on that during a first date. But now that you’re not hiding behind a computer, you shouldn’t feel the need to focus on it. If you met your date in the grocery store, you wouldn’t spend the whole time talking about the produce section. Bring up things they said they liked on their profile can be a good ice breaker, but you shouldn’t talk too much about online dating. After all, you’re not online anymore.

Talking too much about work. It’s great to be passionate and ambitious about what you do for a living, it shows that you have clear goals in life and a dedication to something. But talking  too much about your job can make it seem that you don’t have a life outside of it. It’s easier for someone to have common interests in things like hobbies and travel than it is for them to relate to your job.

Texting. When you’re on a date, all your focus and attention should be on the person you’re with. Spending your time with your face in your phone messaging other people will make your date feel ignored and disconnected from the conversation, which is exactly what you want to avoid on a date.

Common sense can be your best friend when on dates! Think about the conduct and the conversation you would want to have on a date and act accordingly. Do unto others as you would want done unto you is a great state of mind for a first date. Ignore the bad and embrace the good and hopefully this first date will lead to many more.