The Dating Waiting Game


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There are times that come along when you meet someone with whom you may share a great deal of chemistry and are seriously in like with. It may also be that that person is already involved with a love life or there is some other impeding force that will keep as new relationship, with you, from happening. For as much as we may want to act otherwise, it ’s unwise to pursue anything with this new potential dating partner when you instinctively know it is bound to failure because of extenuating circumstances.
One must hold at temptation at bay, stay still in propriety, keep the ol ’ rocket in the pocket or the kitty locked-up tight. To wait until the person of your affection are out-of they ever are-of their current relationship is the best course of action. All one can hope for is the time when they might be available for even the promise of a kiss, let alone an intimate encounter.
The waiting might be long but in the end you win either way.
The object of your new lust and allure either continues the way she or he is going, and you have to move forward, maybe finding someone you like more, or there is a breakup and you get to act. Showing self control and style, the respect to not muddy the waters by acting too soon, a certain self esteem not predicated by you getting what you wanted or not, speaks to one ’s character and will no doubt impress the intended object of one ’s desire now that he or she is free; if they liked you before they will like you more now.
When the door is open to date, the single man and lady can come together in any number of interesting ways. With the gloves off, so to speak, with no further commitment, a couple can see if they will make lovers, friends or maybe even fuck buddies . Choices are available because of the waiting, a good head of steam has no doubt built up to tickle the possibility of what two people might be to one another and the potential is pregnant. On even ground, it becomes less about having someone when you can ’t have them, stealing a heart, emotions or a cock or pussy even, it ’s more about seeing an unencumbered life for both of you down the road, limited by only your hearts.
A life you created because you waited.

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