The Difference Between Good And Good Enough


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It’s harsh to say, but a lot of people turn to Online Dating as a last resort. It seems like people get to a point in their dry spell where they’re willing to take anyone, and when there’s no fish biting at all, they log onto the internet and start searching for quick hookups there.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with internet dating, well all know that– personally I think it’s the best way to meet new people. But when you are doing it with that desperate state of mind, you’re likely to be unsuccessful finding a meaningful relationship because you’re willing to accept the first person that sends you a wink.

Keeping your standards is the best way to separate good and good enough. ‘Settle’ is the dirtiest word you can say in the dating world. When you’re looking for love, no matter how long it takes you, you should always shoot for the best. You don’t want to waste your time with someone you’re not compatible with just because they’re willing to see you.

When you start answering messages from people, asses why you’re doing it. Is it because you have genuine interest in the message they sent you, or do you just want anyone to talk to? Take your time and go through the messages you get and only answer the ones you would answer if you had your pick of the entire litter. If there’s no one you received a message from that is of any interest to you, then move on! There’s no point of wasting your time on it. If no one from your inbox sparks your interest, then browse other people’s profiles and send a message to someone you’re interested in.

You can either put in a little effort into a lot of uninteresting people and find someone who is good enough, or you can take your time and find someone that is truly good. Time spent on the internet is a good investment into a relationship, so spend it wisely.


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