The Girls That Guys Actually Want To Date


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When you’re filling out your profile, it’s hard to know what to leave in, what to leave out, and how to present yourself. Well, this may be of some help for you! There’s 10 types that men generally go for. Not that you have to fit in a box- individuality is a great asset- but when men are searching, they usually try to pick a woman who knows who she is. Dating is always easier when both parties know who they are as people, and the first indication of that is him seeing if you’ve defined yourself on your online dating profile or not.

It’s easy to want to stay out of a little box, so if you want to beat to the sound of your own drum, I say all the power to you! But if you want to make it easier on men, and easier on yourself, these are the most common ‘types’ that men look for when dating:

The Buddy. Believe it or not, most guys look for a girl that they can be buds with. Someone who will watch the game with them, someone who will toss a ball outside, and someone who can keep up with them when they’re out with friends.

The Forward Talker. Guys hate playing games, and they’re not fond of girls who play them, either. Guys want a girl who tells like it is and doesn’t have room for BS.

The Sexually Curious Girl. Don’t confuse this with a slutty girl! But if you’re the kind of person that has a plate of cookies and a naked body waiting for your man when he comes home, you’ll make someone very happy!

The Innocent Girl. AKA The ‘I can take her home to mom’. Men want to find someone that is innocent because it lets them know that these women will be kind and nurturing mothers, a trait that is instinctively thought of as sexy.

The Equal. The days of men opening doors is in the past! They want a girl that is going to offer to pay 50% of the bill and is willing to do 50% of the work.

The One With The Great Personality. No, this doesn’t mean ugly, it genuinely means someone with a great personality! If they’re going to spend time with you, trust me, they’ll want to like your brains better than your bod.

The Low Maintenance Lady. Guys don’t want to spend 3 hours waiting for you to get ready to go to a 2 hour movie where it will be so dark, no one will see you. Leave your straightener in the past and start living easier!

So there you have it, the most common personalities guys look for. Use this as a starting point with your profile and remember to showcase your personality, not what you think someone wants.

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