Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas For Cool Couples


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Personally, I hate Valentine’s and everything that comes along with it.

No-I’m not bitter. No-I’m not jealous. I just think it’s super tacky and cheesy, and even if I was dating someone or was in a serious relationship, I still would have a hard time celebrating it the traditional way.

Sure, it’s nice to know you’re loved when receiving beautiful flowers,  a cute card, or some good sex, it’s the super cliche dinner date that I can’t stand.

The whole thing is AWKWARD!

But, if you are one of those guys who insist on celebrating V-Day (maybe to get laid, find a girlfriend, whatever) at least do it with some class and do it so she remembers you! Cancel the dinner reservation and replace it with something cool and unique. > This way you will be guaranteed to get some! 😉

Make It A Snow Day:

If you live somewhere that got hit by the recent Winter storm, you’re in luck! Instead of being depressed about the crazy snow, take advantage of it. Get all bundled up with that special someone, fill up some travel mugs with baileys and hot chocolate, and head over to the nearest park. Cozy up on a bench, go skating or sledding, have a snowball fight! It can be totally romantic and playful. Once you’re done, go back to your place and cuddle up with each other to warm each other up.

An Under Water Adventure:

There is nothing sexier than going on a date to an aquarium. It’s so peaceful watching the underwater creatures and you can sit on a bench and cuddle up while you watch the fish swim by. Walk around hand in had and check out all the sites.

Plant Flowers:

Instead of giving your valentine flowers, why not grow some together! Get down and dirty and plant your love and commit to nurturing the garden together. It will be so romantic working together with your valentine.

A Wine/Beer Tour:

Take a tour at your local winery of craft brewery. These tours are usually an all day event so it will give you and your valentine a lot of time to spend together and do something different, you usually wouldn’t think of doing. Plus, the wine/beer will be flowing and that will hopefully make your valentine a little friskier than normal 😉

Live Music:

Check your local listings to see what live music events are going on. Try out a local jazz bar; there’s nothing sexier than jazz and the atmosphere at jazz bar’s are always great. Cuddle up with each other, get some bites to eat, a great cocktail and let the music take over.

If you try any of these ideas, you will be sure to not only have a good time, but I’m almost positive you will end up getting some booty at the end of the night!

And if after the date she goes home leaving you hanging, just try a site like XXXmatch.com. You’ll be guaranteed to get laid on that site!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  <3<3<3