What His Cuddling Style Says About Him


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You met this amazing guy online, you’ve been going out for a few weeks now, and you’re finally ready to do the deed.

You clean you apartment, you pull out your cutest lingerie, you shave your entire body and lotion up with your favorite body lotion.

You’re ready to do it!

He comes over and one thing starts to lead to another and next thing you know you’re having some pretty great first time sex!

After it’s all said and done, your first instinct is to role over and cuddle, but you want your man to make the first move.

This very moment is extremely crucial regarding your relationship and it all comes down to his cuddling style.

A man’s cuddling style can say a lot about him, so I have broken down each and every position so that you cans get some insight on what he’s really thinking.

He pulls you to his chest: This cuddling style is very masculine and shows that he wants and can protect you. It shows that he believes in the traditional and conventional ways of relationships.


Spooning: Your booty is right up against his packaged and he loves it. He’s a very physical guy and has a high sex drive, but maybe a little shy of his emotions and feelings.


Face to face: When he wraps his arms around you and pulls you face to face it means that he wants to connect with you on a deeper and more emotional level.


All in all, if he’s willing to cuddle, he’s definitely into you, bottom line.

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