What To Wear On A First Date


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Going on a first date is all about first impressions. You already know what topics to avoid talking about when on a first date and now you will know what to wear when you go on a first date.

Lets begin, ladies.

Make sure you’re comfortable: No, I’m not saying wear your crocs and jogging pants, I’m saying wear something comfortable so you come across as confident. Avoid high ass stiletto heels and tight dresses.

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Don’t dress like a hoe: You want to look sexy, but not slutty. If you’re showing cleavage, avoid showing leg and vice versa. You want to reveal enough so that he becomes interested, but not a lot so you ruin the mystery.


Dress for the date: When it comes to a first date, it should never be a surprise location. You don’t know this person very well yet so you want to know where/what you’re getting yourself into. You want to be able to Google the location before you go so you know what to wear and you dress appropriately.

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Be yourself: Don’t try and be someone you’re not because it will show. If they don’t like your style, then clearly they’re not the right match for you!

Be amazing!: Feel amazing and rock whatever you’re wearing. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you know you look hot, and your date will also think so.

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