What Women Really Want


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A lot of men in the online dating world haven’t exactly been on thousands of dates. They don’t necessarily know how to properly read women and often times they are a little rusty when it comes to dating. Not to put all readers in the same basket or anything but statistics show that men don’t necessarily know what women want. And there is nothing wrong with that! Women are a tough breed!

Once you’ve become out of touch with the female mind, it’s hard to get back in the habit of picking up their extremely subtle hints. Sometimes even the self-proclaimed female experts have a hard time cracking what women want!

Since I’m a women and I have been on thousands of dates with many different types of men, I can confidently say that I know what women want when it comes to dating, and I’m going to let you in on the secret 😉

Let’s begin!:

They love it when you choose where you’re going. You know all those times you’ve let her choose the movie or the restaurant or the park you’re going to, thinking you’re making her happy? Well, women hate that. They’re indecisive about what shoes they’re going to wear for the day, what makes you think they’re going to want to choose where you’re going on your date?! Stepping up to the plate not only releases stress from her, but seeing you make decisions also puts you in an authority position, which women naturally find attractive.

They don’t really like flowers. The thought of the flowers is what women want. When you unexpectedly bring them flowers, it shows you’ve been thinking about them when you didn’t have to. Small gestures like that make a big impact on women! You don’t have to get flowers, you just have to show you were thinking of her. Bringing her something as basic as a cartoon clip out from the daily newspaper will put a smile on her face!

Ditch the Axe. In a study the company never publicly released, they found that almost 85% of men like the scent of Axe, but less than 10% of women had a favorable response to it. If you want to smell good, stay au natural! Women are more likely to be attracted to your natural scent than they are to any store bought cologne.

They watch scary moves to get close to you. Take the hint.

They don’t want to see your ex. Ever. “This picture of me and Michael Jordan is my favorite in the world! I know my ex girlfriend is in it, but can’t you just ignore it?” Not when it sits by your bedside! That is why they invented the crop tool on Photoshop, my friends. If you have any pictures of someone you were dating in the past around your house, it shows that you’re not over her. Take them down if you’re ready to move on!

They love it when you pick up the bill, but they don’t want to hear you complain about the price. If you thought price was going to be an issue, you should have taken her somewhere cheaper!

Is there anything else you would like to add to the list?