When He Doesn’t Message You Back…


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If you message someone through online dating that you don’t hear from, a lot of the time the advice you will get is ‘Move on! There’s plenty of other fish in the sea.” Although this is true, it may lead to you missing out on getting to know someone you could end up having a great connection with.

Just because someone doesn’t message you back in your desired time frame doesn’t mean that they’re uninterested. There’s countless reasons for someone to not respond to your initial message, and getting discouraged should be the last thing you do.

Online dating sites often showcase active users on their home pages. This means that if they’re on there, every person that logs in is going to see their profile link. With so many people seeing it, you can only imagine the amount of messages they would get in a day. The fact of the matter is that they’d be unable to answer so many messages. When online daters get too many messages, they usually only read and respond to the first few, which means if you were one of the unlucky ones to answer later on, your message could be left in the dust. Simply send a follow up message saying you had said hello before and wanted to insure he had received it. This way it gives him the opportunity to be reminded of you, and shows that you have enough interest to pursue him twice.

It’s good to remember that not everyone on internet dating sites are as invested as others. Some people sign up out of simple curiosity, and others do it to see what kind of response they get. These people tend to message no one back, as they didn’t intend to in the first place, but if you send them a message intriguing enough, there’s a good chance that what you say will be enough to get a message in return.

Then there’s the others that need to be wooed! Everyone likes to know that they have admirers, and won’t settle for anything less than positive attention. Sending a follow up message with why you want to talk to him (you liked his profile, you think he’s attractive, you think you’d get along well, etc), will stroke their ego just enough that they’ll want to message you back, instead of the other people that had only messaged him with information about themselves.

There’s many reasons message remain unanswered, but you’re likely to get a response if you do the follow-up. It’s never too late to put effort in to make the connection, so keep trying and eventually you’ll get the response you’re looking for!

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