Why Are You Still Embarrassed To Use Dating Sites?


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The first time I started dating someone I met online, she had asked me to tell her friends we met at a coffee shop, which was the first place we had a date. Now, although technically that was the truth, I didn’t fully understand why she didn’t want to tell them where we had met– through a dating site search. After a few months of dating, I had asked her about it, and she responded with, “Well it’s embarrassing to use online dating.”

After that I started asking friends and and colleagues if they thought it was embarrassing to use online dating, and not a single one of them said it was. I found only after asking other people who used online dating if they thought it was embarrassing, and it was the online daters themselves who found it to be an embarrassing way to meet singles.

I couldn’t help but wonder why the people using it were the only ones who were ashamed of using it, so I turned to a few trusted outlets to get an inside look on the matter. Dr. Amanda Mathers, a former professor of phycology at UCLA, said that it wasn’t so much the act of online dating, it was being so vulnerable about wanting to find someone. “Generally when people are looking for a love interest, they do it on their own time and don’t announce it to the world. When you’re involved with online dating, you’re putting it out there that you want to find your match, that you don’t want to be alone. It’s intimidating.”

There are tens of millions of people who use online dating in the USA alone every day. If you’re embarrassed about doing it, leave your reservations at the login page! Internet dating has been the most common way to find a partner so far in the 2010 decade, and 1 in 4 marriages start because of it. It’s time to start embracing it and stop being embarrassed by it– online dating is your best chance at finding a date, so you might as well enjoy it!

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