Why Cockiness Can Damage Your Game


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There’s a popular song by a UK band The Streets called Fit But You Know It. It’s about how he’s found a girl who’s an 8 or a 9 (‘or a 9 and a half in four beers time’), but despite the fact that she’s hot, she’s not hot because she knows she’s hot.

Knowing your self worth, even when it comes to your looks, is important because it allows you to be confident about yourself. But there’s a thin line between knowing your self worth and holding your self worth on a pedestal. As easy as it is for people to be attracted to looks, it’s just as easy to be turned off by them if someone thinks too much of their own.

When you think you’re hot, you’re no longer hot to anyone but yourself.

The most important thing you can do about your looks is be humble about them. Regardless if you’re naturally beautiful or if you have to put hours of effort into looking the way you do, no one wants to be dating the hot girl that knows she’s hot.

Often it’s the better looking people who have a hard time in online dating. Not because they have their standards too high, but because people get easily intimidated by good looking people. It’s hard to tell online if you’re one of those people who are good looking and still down to earth, or if, like The Streets say, they’re fit but they know it.

If you’re looking to find someone online, make sure it’s known that you’re life doesn’t revolve around your looks. Don’t write on your ‘about me’ that you’ll only date 10’s or football players. Keep your profile open and humble. Confidence is key, but over-confidence is a turn off. If you’re good looking, good for you! But don’t count that as your best trait. If you do, people will count it as your worst.