Why It’s Called Friends With Benefits


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Everyone has one. That friend who is gorgeous, funny, talented, and who you just can’t see yourself being with. It’s friends like this that makes the concept of friends with benefits so appealing. We take a look at why it’s beneficial, and why you should stay open to it.

  1. There’s no awkward morning after. We’ve all gotten up the morning after a regretful night and quickly brainstormed our way out of the house as quickly as possible. We’re going to be late for work, we need to get on the highway before rush hour, we need to meet our wife for breakfast. When you’re friends you don’t have to feel obligated to stay the whole night, and when you do, you get to have breakfast with your bud.
  2. You don’t have to scope out the bar for your weekly fix anymore. It’s human nature for people to be sexual, but it’s not always as easy to find someone to fill those needs as you would hope. When you have a FWB, you can cut that step out and go straight to the booty-call text.
  3. You need less ‘prep time’. When you’re dating someone, there’s always the added pressure to look your best. Find the perfect lipstick, buy the hottest panties, have the nicest perfume on. Chances are your friends have seen you at your worst, so they shouldn’t expect the full package when jumping into bed.
  4. You can always find a FWB. Even if the friends you have now aren’t too into the idea, online dating can be a great source to find a no-strings-attached partner. There are thousands of people everyday looking for someone to spend a little private time with. When you’re finding someone online, you get to take your time and choose who you want to connect with. This allows you to be comfortable and satisfied with your new friend.
  5. You feel safe. We’ve all had that moment of ‘What did he say his name was?’ in the morning, followed by the fear that you have no idea where this guy has been. With friends, you know their sexual background and probably a little about their sexual health and habits. Instead of wondering if you need to make a trip to the clinic in the morning, you can feel confident in knowing that your safe sex really is safe.

So forget about the fact that you don’t want kids and your sexy BFF wants enough to fill a schoolhouse… That’s for the long term, and being friends with benefits is for right now. So grab a friend, wrap up, and get down.

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